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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Python squeezes pet dog to death at River Valley condo

This morning's Straits Times featured an article about a young woman walking her boyfriend's dogs outside their condo in River Valley Road (this is not that far from our place), when suddenly a python appeared in the grassy area where she was walking the dog. The python attacked the 7-year old Jack Russell terrier.....

Apart from grieving for his pet, Mr Walterhausen was also concerned about the safety of the children in the condo.

'The size of a toddler and a dog are not much different and the children could be attacked,' he said.

Pythons, which can grow to more than 7m long, are generally defensive by nature and usually feed on small creatures like birds or rodents. They tend not to attack humans, unless they feel threatened.

Mr Walterhausen said they have informed the landlady that they will be moving out of the condo today. They have been living there for over seven months now. The sudden termination of the lease means he loses his $7,000 security deposit.

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