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Thursday, November 30, 2006

TANIA Live at Harry's

Last night, Mohan Mulani and Harry's International hosted a party in honor of the launch of Tania's new CD, "TANIA Live at Harry's". There was lots of food and drink for everyone, and the best part was that the band played earlier than usual.

Alex and Cristina joined me for the celebration (Michael is in Europe). Cool thing is......Alex told us about Tania when we first came to Singapore. We'd just never heard about their nightclub "Anywhere". Not long after we moved here, Mohan opened Harry's @ Orchard..............a few months later he made a deal with Tania to play exclusively at Harry's @ Orchard. Yay!

After their first set, I went outside to ask for an autograph from Zul, and whaddya' know? His beautiful daughter was outside too AND, it turns out, she and her siblings had just found the videos I'd made Tuesday (I'd uploaded them back in August and September) . I'd been asking every time we went to Harry's if his kids found the videos -- I think I was beginning to irk Zul, HOWEVER, I thought they should be able to see that their dad and his co-workers (that doesn't sound right, does it? Yet they work together 6 nights a week) have MANY fans who appreciate their hard work and talent!

We've lived in Chicago, LA, New York, Atlanta, and I can promise're not EVER going to find this kind of talent performing six nights a week. OK, I'll grant you , you'll see talented bands on the weekends, but NOT during the week. I really think that's the coolest thing about living in Singapore.

I'm sitting here listening to the CD right now. These guys are great! They've been together for more than 30 years (I think it's 32 now). My favorite song on this CD is "Still Got the Blues". Damn they're good!

I uploaded this video, first to Google, but it's taken all day. I decided to go with YouTube since Google was taking forever!

UPDATE: 12/2/2006 Google Video was down, and they did send me an e-mail to explain the situation. I'm going to embed the video here in the hopes it doesn't mess up my side-bar the way the YouTube video did. I really need to adjust the size of the players. I'll figure that out eventually. Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Thanks diana for this video from the netherlands.
I was there @ harry's that evening with my irish girl-friend. I met her in harry's back in may.
We had a special evening and your video helps to go back in thoughts to that eve.

Diana said...

That makes my day -- thank you!