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Thursday, December 21, 2006

24 Hours of Rain

It is now the "rainy season" here in Singapore due to the north-east monsoon which started earlier this month. It rained most of the weekend and then yesterday it rained at least 20 hours. I'm talking a deluge of rain, it just never let up. Of course, I had to go out to do some last minute shopping for Christmas, and now I'm sick.

Today's paper said that the "rainfall was the third-highest recorded in Singapore in the last 75 years." Yesterday's rainfall was 345mm exceeding the average for the entire month of December, which is 284.4mm.

Streets were flooded, trees have been falling, and MacRitchie and Upper Seletar Reservoirs had "spillage". Here's a link to a Google Map of Singapore.

1 comment:

Gadgit said...

'Global warming' perhaps? Hmmm. But i suppose we'll never know for sure till we reach the eve of destruction. Yet another consequence of the 'profit-motive'?