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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Myna Bird

I've always enjoyed listening to the myna birds here. They sound so "jungle-y", but now that we've moved to the 4th floor I have reconsidered this notion.

There is a myna who lives in the tree just outside our bedroom window. Every morning before sunrise, around 6, he starts "singing". I don't know if he's trying to find his buddies, or what, but he is SO LOUD! Sometimes another one will come over and sing a different song from his, but just as loud.

Since I can't think of anyway to describe this bird's song, I made a short video so that you can actually hear our new "alarm clock".


mister anchovy said...

c'mon, you still love them, don't you.....

Diana said...

Ummmmmm, well, uh, I guess I do, kinda.