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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How on Earth could I have forgotten to include these two pics in my previous update? I think I'm losin' it or something!

A Great Cook!
(click to enlarge)

A Wild Hare!


The week obviously started out fun, with Sunday being Easter and all. The kids were great and we had a fun time with Alex, Cristina, and Vicky. Yet, I feel obligated to share the things that have pissed me off in the last week or so...

  • Trend-Micro has labeled my Gmail account as SPAM because I forwarded an anniversary ecard to WHH from our son. I am BLACKBALLED because I forwarded my husband something nice from OUR SON? WTF? I tried to contact Gmail for support and they say, "we ask users who experience delivery delays or whose messages are bouncing back to their accounts to inform the recipient's mail provider about the issue" Yeah, like MNC is going to care that WHH gets my Gmails.
  • Tenants SUCK! OK...well, maybe not all tenants, since, um, we happen to be tenants too. I'll clarify here, the tenants who live in our house in a subdivision in an ATL suburb, SUCK ass! Check this out:

  • $4,000+ Oven installed in November (including removal of old oven, disposal of old oven, installation/labor for new jillion dollar oven).
  • Two reports of a BROKEN HINGE on said JILLION dollar oven. One last month and one again this month. Those suckers are GOING TO PAY!

  • Trashed under-cabinet light. Look at it -- just dangling there like a piece of...oh, I don't know... TRASH??? WHH and my DAD worked hours installing that lighting and it looks like shit now.

  • Basement ceiling looks like, I don't know...maybe a bunch of damn VERY BAD monkeys have gone wild in our basement??? They WILL pay!
  • If you have time to click on those pictures of the oven, you can see that the cabinets are scratched up and dinged, and look like TRAILER-TRASH SHIT. I think their sons must've been using it for, oh, I don't know...maybe... kick-boxing with cleats?
  • WHH was working on our 2006 taxes a few weeks ago, and soon calculated that we spent $24,000 in repairs. That is not a typo! Every appliance in that 14-year old house has been replaced, except for the stupid down-draft Jenn-Aire cooktop for which the old-fashioned drip-pans cost $25/ea. and have to be ordered directly from them or Repairclinic (a great website by the way). I.HATE.DRIPS!
  • Oh, and those dorfwad kids tore up the shower door in one of the bathrooms. Once again VERY BAD monkeys that need to LEAVE MY HOUSE! SOON! And they WILL pay! (well maybe if I can scrape up the money to sue their sorry monkey asses)!
  • Oh yeah, I've got a sinus infection, ear infection, and a fever.
  • While at the doctor's today, I did have the presence of mind to ask why the hell can't I have a good cry. You know... that was in a previous post (just scroll down, will ya?). He told me that I'M AN AIRHEAD! No lie, SONOFA...!!! I know YOU already knew that, but damn! When your doctor tells you, it's rather disconcerting. He said next time I need a big "cry", either hold that shit in, or cry it out and then sleep with my head raised up. He made no guarantees that the swelling would go away any faster than a week's time. Do you know how hard it is to "hold-in" a BIG cry?
  • Why do I have to have an AIRHEAD???
  • I'm going to have another beer to ease my achin' AIRHEAD.
Alrighty then, I had other stupid stuff to bitch about, but I've pissed myself off just talking about this AIRHEADedness! Sonofa...!!!


kapgar said...

Well, if it's any consolation, it's a really pretty $4000+ oven. Even I could cook in that thing.

Diana said...

Yeah, it is pretty, isn't it? Actually, the oven's initial cost was "only" $1,700 -- it was all of the other charges that made it cost so much. Then those stupid TT people broke the hinge!

Karla said...

ugh. I hate ear infections. And sinus infections? even worse. hate to say this but when yo uare in the hsower suck some water up your nose to help clear out your sinuses. Feels horrible but works.

We spent about 11 thou on our house in repairs, but those were just because htey were needed. We have tenants, too, but we have thus far been very lucky, except the yard, which has suffered terribly. I am REALLY ready to go back to my little house, though. I miss it.

Diana said...

I believe you're referring to the Nasal Douche Oh my, that burns like a sonofa...

Yeah, I understand about the yard thing too, although our TT tenants have been forced to pay for weekly lawn-mowing and upkeep, several perennials have crapped out on us. I mean, every now and again, you've gotta water the lawn in GA! I'm actually dreading going to back to that house. It's too big, but dang, the interest rate is LOW! So, we're stuck.