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Monday, April 23, 2007

Naked Lips? I Think NOT!

I am amazed by the response from my Rise and Shine post. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to see my "naked post", and I truly appreciate those of you who took the time to leave a comment. Good times. All of you made my day much brighter!

I think that Jenny thought I was cheating with the lipgloss looking freshly applied. I said in the comments that I always have lipgloss/balm on my lips. They are never naked. Never. At first I attributed it to my having to take Accutane back in my 30's for acne. Yet, after I wrote that, I realized that Accutane is not the sole reason.

I remember my grandmother applying lipstick or Carmex compulsively. Then, there are two of my five sisters, Donna and Jennifer, who are also compulsive lipstick/balm wearers. Jennifer favors lipstick, and she has beautiful curvy lips to show it off. Donna usually favors Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer with SPF 15. It's good stuff. Especially nice at the beach so that our luscious lips don't get blistered.

Still, I favor thick, gooey, long-lasting lipgloss. Estee Lauder used to have a fabulous lipgloss about 10 years ago. Then, they abruptly changed the formula, and I had to change brands. I ended up going with MAC, the clear gloss. It was perfect for me. I would line my lips with Revlon's Timeliner For Lips in Toast. Perfect. Only problem was...I was going through a gallon of that MAC clear lipgloss a month! OK, I do not deny my tendency for exxageration.

Anyway...I had to find a cheaper alternative. I bought every kind of Walgreen's lipgloss I could find. Eventually, I came upon L'Oreal Colourjuice. It comes in one of those squeeze-tube thingies, but it is great. My fav colors are "Cherry on Top" and "Raspberry Smash". It's difficult to be accurate with application if you apply it directly to your lips. Hilly raves about Stila lipgloss, but I haven't tried it...yet :D Maybe I'll treat myself sometime.

Yesterday was a fun blogging day for me. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by. I'm especially happy to have "met" Jessica . Through her blog, I have discovered some new to me must-read blogs: Lisa of Living Life on Fire, Juls of Keeping Pace, along with Julie's son Ya-Ya. All three of these blogs are inspiring because they're living and experiencing life -- the good and the sad. Stop by their blogs, and don't be shy. As Ya-Ya says, "I am 8 years old. I like it when other bloggers comment on my blog. If you found my blog, please say hello to let me know that you were here." He's the sweetest little guy, and he writes beautifully!


Jessica said...

I agree that this was a really fun exercise and am enjoying all the fun, new blog friends with whom I've connected. I'm glad it was able to expand everyone's blog lists a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got accused of brushing my hair...LOL. Uh, just cause I don't have crazy hair in the morning, geez.

RW said...

I'm very glad I didn't do this, suddenly.

yellojkt said...

I wish I could wear lipgloss. As a guy, I'm stuck with chpastick.

Diana said...

Youse guys crack me up!

Juls and YaYa said...

Thanks for reading our blogs

Webmiztris said...

colorjuice is the shit....mmmm, pretty colors that smell good too... I'm a lip balmaholic too. :)