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Thursday, April 12, 2007

"My Generation" -- Best Cover Ever!

Today's my mother-in-law's 82nd birthday. I've been thinking about her all week. She has Alzheimer's, and since my father-in-law, Jim, passed away in 2005 the diseased has progressed at a rapid pace. They were married 59 years.

The coolest thing about Jim and Glo? They were always up for just about anything! They loved traveling all over the country. Their last few years together, they would pack up their minivan with tons of stuff to head down to Panama City, FL to visit Jim's brother, Dick, and his wife, Mike. BTW, Happy Birthday, Uncle Dick! On their way down, they'd stop for a visit with us. We always had such a good time together.

After Jim passed away, Gloria thought she might want to visit us here in Singapore, but we felt it would be too much for her. I think we made the right decision, although I know she would love seeing all the people and the sights here.

When WHH called her tonight, he had to say, "Hi Mom, #3 here, from Singapore."

"Oh yes!" She said. We just called her Sunday for Easter, but that conversation slipped away as soon as she put the phone down.

I saw this video on Krup's blog tonight, and I needed to "steal" it. I've never heard Gloria sing, but she loved to dance, especially with Big Jim. I think she'd get a big kick out of this!

The single of this song, the Zimmer's cover of The Who's "My Generation" will be released May 21 (my sister's birthday). Alf is the lead singer, age 90. THESE PEOPLE ROCK and they're having so much FUN!!!

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