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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's Talk About Customer Service, Part I

Most places here in Singapore will deliver the items you've bought for free if you spend at least $150. Seeing as booze is very expensive here, it doesn't take much to run up $150. I think that's a very nice customer service -- especially since we don't own a car. It can be very painful to walk home with those nasty plastic bags cutting into your wrists.

Usually on Tuesdays I go to my favorite market to make the weekly beer and wine run. I don't like to go on Mondays or weekends because the place is a madhouse with all these snooty people pushing their children around in those big-ass strollers that hog up 3/4 of the aisle. You've got to remember, the markets here aren't monstrous like Super Wally World or Super Targee (I don't know how to do the accent mark). The aisles here are tiny alleys compared to those places. On top of that, they've also brought along their maids, all the while ordering them to pick up this brand or the other. I hate that shit.

I digress (it's a bad habit, sorry)... As long as I'm in the queue to pay for my groceries by 3:30, it's not a problem. I have to be finished by 4:00 or the delivery-guy is gone for the day.

My first order of business is to find a $1 coin to "rent-a-cart".. Then, I head directly to the cases of Tiger Beer stacked up at the front of the store. Next stop, get the wine. After that, I pick up the huge packs of Kleenex toilet tissue. I always used to get Charmin, but I got tired of the "dust" that it leaves in my bathroom. Kleenex is much cleaner, and they've made it softer these days. Still NOT available is the Cottonelle Fresh Wipes. They've actually had the Huggies that were flushable, but not lately. This is not a good thing.

After I've picked up those things, I get the "usual" -- meat, veggies, milk, bread, eggs, some of those frozen Amy's vegetarian meals (for my lunch) and ALWAYS, ALWAYS Swiss Miss Ultimate Indulgence Chocolate Pudding for my WHH's bedtime snack. Then, I scramble to get into the queue before the onslaught of moms with kids-that-drive me batty. I'm usually just a bit too slow.

Last week, while waiting in the queue, the deliveryman spotted me and asked, "Will you be going directly home? You are always my first stop."

Me thinking, "Holy crap, the deliveryman has a "thing" for me. Yeah, baby, you've still got it! You're HOT just like your Momma!" (Yes, she is HOT, but beyond that I'm making this shit up as I go along -- heh!)

Then Me Out Loud -- for real, "Yes, I was going to walk home, but if you're going there now, I'll take a taxi."

Mr. Deliveryman, "I need to box these orders here and then I will be making deliveries. Would you like a ride home?"

I was astounded, "Are you serious?"

Mr. Deliveryman, "Yes, madam, I'll be going to your place just after I box these up."

Me, still flabbergasted, "Well, OK, sure!"

Once he got his orders boxed up, he escorted me through the "bowels" of the shopping center to the car park. He cleared the passenger seat for me (I'm still not used to sitting on the "wrong" side). As we left the car park, it started to rain. It would've taken me forever to get a taxi!

As he drove me and my groceries home, I asked him his name (Mr. "S") and he explained that it's easier for him to go to our condo first because it's a one-way street. Then, he can head on over to Ardmore Park. Most days, he makes 15 or more stops to that condo -- it's a big place.

Mr. "S" Deliveryman gets a big GOLD STAR for his wonderful customer service and big heart!**

Would I dare trust a "deliveryman" in the U.S.? I don't think so!

Stay tuned... Tomorrow's episode will be "Customer Service That Sucks Ass!"

**Yes, I did give him a tip and a cold bottle of water.


Dave2 said...

You forgot details about the most important part... how was the chocolate pudding?

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I wish I had the freedom to move around and live in different countries just because :).

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Thank you for the education on Kleenex vs. Charmin!

Karla said...

Wow...customer service like that is a rare thing.

And the fact that he knows who you are? Wow....

Shyanne said...

wow, if a deliveryman offered me a lift home, i would be pretty freaked out.

but since you made it home alive and in one piece, compliments to Mr. "S" for the dedication in his work.

Diana said...

Dave - Are you kidding me? He DOES.NOT.SHARE.HIS.PUDDING - Ever!

Hilly - Sometimes its hard being so far away from our friends and family back in U.S.

[cherry] - Always glad to be of service

karla - yeah, I thought it was really cool too.

Shyanne - I was stunned at first myself, but then I thought, he's at my apartment every week anyway, why not?