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Monday, August 27, 2007

50th Year, Day 2

My computer is still giving me fits! Why doesn't it see my CD-ROM/DVD drive all of a sudden? Last week, I "removed" a bunch of programs that I haven't used in a while after backing everything up on the 160GB external hard-drive and on Norton. Do you think I removed a driver or something? I need help!!!

I have a cordless keyboard, and it's worked perfectly until two days ago. Now, it goes in spurts. I changed the batteries last night, and still I'm dealing with it sometimes working and sometimes not. I'm a fast typist (100 wpm when the keyboard isn't being stupid) and this is slowing me down and pissing me off!

My camera is working fine now, but why was the memory card empty Sunday? Saturday evening, it showed that the memory was full, but we'd only taken a few pictures. It's an Olympus SP-350 and we've never had any trouble... until now. Stupid camera!

One of our cordless phones with the answering machine has decided it doesn't want to work anymore too. WTF? Everything decides to break during my birthday month/week/weekend? We now have two phones that work. Of course, the cordless phones won't work if I wander too far from the base because of the concrete and steel walls. I hate when that happens. Stupid phones!

So, Ludo, with the kick-ass camera sent me this picture of us (excluding him), but he's not going to send anymore via email because the files are too large. The WHH is out of the country for two weeks, so it will be a while before I can upload anything to Flickr. Trust that we had GOOD TIMES! :D


whitenoise said...

Obviously, being your birthday and all, the gadget warranties were synced to your own personal warranty... ;-)

The camera's card probably needs to be reformatted. Pop it in the drive, look at it thru Windows Explorer, rightclick and format the card. That should fix it.

The CDRom drive could be a bit trickier. Have you rebooted the computer yet? Sometimes that fixes everything. After trying that- try to view the drive thru Windows Explorer.

If you still don't see it- try to launch the Find New Hardware wizard. You may even have to open the computer's case and check to see that the connection didn't come loose.

The keyboard- well, if you've changed the batteries and rebooted, the only other thing I can think of there is to make sure the transmitter's USB connection isn't loose. Seeing as you're also having cordless phone problems, maybe there's some sort of EMF interference in your home?

RW said...

Happy belated wishes!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Whitenoise... Thank you for the tips. I have rebooted several times. I think you're right about the gadget warranties! Damn, I hate when that happens.

RW... thank you very much you condiment-wearer you! :D

Kentucky Girl said...

Good gravy. Electronics are hating on you lately, eh. LOL Hope the technomonster leaves your house soon (but don't send him here, I've got enough issues, k?)