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Saturday, August 11, 2007


This afternoon we went to Jason's to do get some groceries. I know I said that I avoid the stores on weekends, but we were out of beer! So, we load up my shopping trolley with 4 different flavors of beer, bacon, tomatoes, English muffins, etc. That baby was packed with scrumptious stuff. As we were leaving the building, I was attempting to get the trolley down the stairs when it suddenly collapsed! WHH was embarrassed to be seen with me pulling that thing along in the first place. Now, I knew all he wanted to do was pretend he didn't know me, but there were four different flavors of beer in that trolley!

He was able to fix it enough that he could drag it behind him. I carried the other bags of food that didn't fit in the trolley and we headed directly for the taxi queue. Once we got home and put the beer in the fridge (first things first) he picked it up to see exactly what broke. Pretty much the entire thing! I was so pissed that I'd broken my cool trolley. So, WHH did what he's so good at doing, he fixed it! Well, it's not as good as new and will never be used to load 4 flavors of beer, but I can still use it.

While he was fixing my trolley, I heard him humming Rihanna's "Umbrella". Just last night, he'd told our friend Andy that he really should watch her video because it's "PURE SEX"! My WHH is in awestruck-jaw-dropping, lust!

The following are for WHH and Andy, and anyone else who lusts for Rihanna -- I've got a girl-crush on her myself! Maybe now he'll forgive me for the whole shopping-trolley-breakage thing and forgetting to buy chocolate pudding when we were at Jason's. Oops! ;0)

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