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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jet-lag and Other Stuff

When we first arrived in Iasi, Romania last week, I started a post, but I was too jet-lagged to finish it. Then, of course, we got busy visiting our friends and sight-seeing, and I was too tired. Now, we're back home, but I'm too tired and sleepy to try to back-track our holiday happenings.
I did, however, manage to buy groceries and replenish the beer supply with many flavors. I made us a pot roast, potatoes, and salad tonight, and it was while dining on this fine meal (hehe) that we talked... about all kinds of things because I have the attention-span of a... well, I can't think of it because I have a short attention-span.

ME: How's the meat? Is it tough? Because I cooked it slowly. Is it OK?

WHH: Yeah, it's good.

ME: Yeah? But you ate your salad faster than you ate the meat. That's a bad sign. Are you sure it's ok?

WHH: [Chuckle] Yes, it's good. It just tastes different.

ME: Oh, then it's the cut of the meat. It's not like it's a rib-roast. What did you eat for lunch today, something with green in it? At least your getting green veggies tonight.

WHH: I had chicken with mushroom soup, tuna sandwich, and some chips.

ME: Don't you get tired of eating the same thing every day?

WHH: They change the soups, so I get something different every day, and the ladies always fix me a special bag of chips.

ME: Oh, well, OK, so long as you get some veggies. So, I finally emailed myself the pictures that I took at the Goethe-diner in Frankfurt.

WHH: Hmmm.... hey, I heard a new Riahanna song today.

ME: Really? Girl-crush, girl-crush! Whoever the artistic director was of her "Umbrella" video should get an award.

WHH: [Smile] So, did you notice the guy with the Bad Monkey t-shirt when we were in the Frankfurt airport?

ME: Bad Monkey!!! and you didn't tell me? Was it Dave's Bad Monkey?

WHH: I don't know.

ME: Whaddya' mean you don't know! (I get my Bad Monkey t-shirt from the closet for him to double-check). Well, was it a Dave Bad Monkey?

WHH: Aw, hell, if you hadn't been ogling and secret-squirreling pictures of the waiter-dude you thought was so hot, this wouldn't be an issue.

ME: Uh, yeah, I guess you're right.

Here are the pictures of the hot waiter-dude at the Goethe-diner in Frankfurt Airport for your viewing pleasure...

PEE-ESS: Our sleep and poop-cycles are OFF, and that "cut" of beef is going through the WHH like "Grant took Richmond". Shit! Shit! Shit! (My grandmother's favorite expression, and mine too).


Donna said...

That is so funny, I remember her saying that.

That waiter is really hot! I don't think I would have noticed the Bad Monkey T-shirt either.

RW said...

Of course it took Grant months...

asha said...

Welcome back.

Neil said...

You obviously weren't jet-lagged enough if you noticed the hot waiter dude.

Roy said...

You mean like shit through a goose?

Welcome back.

Lisa said...

You mean Dave's Bad Monkey has gone international? Holy Cow! Oh I mean Holy Monkey?