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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Jim, Michael, Patrick (my "boys)

  • My WHH sent me all of the pics he took last weekend when he visited his family and our "bouncing baby boys" in Carlinville, IL. I miss everyone so-so much, especially my sons. No, they're not boys anymore, but still, they'll always be our "boys".
  • The lady who drowned Sunday is still in a coma at Singapore General Hospital.
  • I met some very nice people tonight at the Obama teleconference. There was a technical glitch, but it was still nice to meet everyone, eat, drink, and and talk a bit about politics -- or talk about how Americans don't talk politics. I think that will have to be another blog post (I promise no preaching about either side, though).
  • My WHH will finally be home tomorrow. His flight arrives at 6:45 a.m.
  • I have bowling at 9:30.
  • I want to call Valerie and tell her that something has "come up", but I'm not a very good liar. That reminds me, you should check out Hilly's post from November 7. She's one of my "deep-thinker" friends. Actually, I have quite a few of them. I just let them deep-think for me ;-)
  • I still might call Valerie to tell her I "can't" bowl this week.
  • I am pretty sure that I hurt my Filipina friend's feelings this morning. She asked me about when our trouble sleeping started. Sheesh! It's been years. She was trying to be helpful, but when she told me that I needed to move my dressing mirror a few inches, I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it, but I think I really hurt her. I will apologize to her in person. Sometimes, I'm such a blurter-outer-of-things, when I should really be a deep-thinker-of-things.
  • I'm still thinking I might have to call in sick tomorrow though.
  • I miss my boys.


Curiosity.Killer said...

Hey my sister just arrived from Atlanta herself. Funny your son is in Atlanta.

As for the Fung Shui stuff... yyyyaaaaaa... it's kind of a big thing for asians. But I'm more thinking like moving the dresser to the opposite side of the room, etc... not a few inches. Don't feel too bad, but it's very kind of you to apologize for hurting your friend's feelings.. esp. in person. It's a very respectful thing to do. Good for ya.

Patrick said...

I was hoping you would put those pictures up...I love you and I like you and I miss you too.

John Williams said...

I see the family resemblance! Hello from Virginia!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

CK... thank you!

Peteenabs... I love you and I like you and miss you always :D

John... thanks for stopping by. When are you going to get rid of the ? on Facebook?

Shyanne said...

i've always thought you're a really cool mom. your boys are lucky.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Shyanne... it's really nice of you to say that. Thank you!