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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Wanna Go Home... Kinda...Maybe After The Police & Santana's Concert?

Preface: I am not a construction engineer. This means that I really do not care if I ever learn the correct terminology for the equipment used at construction sites. I prefer the terminology that my sons used when they were little. These terms would be "digger trucks" and "jack-hammer trucks". Their terminology is simpler and you get the idea.

Big-ass Crane
Construction Equipment
Another Angle

A few nights ago, as we were walking to get some dinner we saw that heavy equipment brought a huge-ass crane to the demolition site next door. For about the last month, we've heard stuff being thrown out windows, as well as clanging and banging of the "pipes" that were used to erect a shield around the building. This crane then raised a "jack-hammer truck" to the roof of the building next door. By the time we returned home from dinner, the jack-hammers had already been placed atop the building. There could be two of them up there. There were on the Habitat I building. Habitat II is currently being jack-hammered to death. I think you might be able to see a bit of it in this short video I made this afternoon.

All of this construction/demolition is taking place directly across the street from the Shangri-La Hotel and Shangri-La Serviced Apartments. Dave2 recently did a post about his hotel room being so noisy that he took all of his bedding into the bathroom and tried to sleep in the tub! He will never stay at that hotel again (he hopes).

As is most often the case, when one arrives in Singapore, they've been on at least a 12-hour flight and have bad jet-lag. This means that when a businessperson or tourist arrives, they need to sleep at least a few hours.

The WHH figured out a game plan early on:

  • Arrive at Changi Airport (one of the best airports in the world). Then stop at the Duty-Free booze joint there (because you'll be sorry if you don't). Booze, beer, and wine are very costly here.
  • Take a taxi to destination.
  • Eat another light meal because even though Sing Air excels at almost everything, that "breakfast" just before arrival in Singapore sucks ass! Nothing about it is good -- ever, because I've tried it several times!
  • Singapore Airlines tends to time their flights to alleviate jet-lag as much as possible. I promise you, Singapore Airlines has all of this down to a science (except for that "breakfast" whateverthef*ck that's supposed to be).
  • After eating a sandwich, some chips, and several alcoholic beverages (if that's you're thing), then it's time for a nap (or other entertainment -- my favorite part).
  • Upon awaking around 2 or 3 in the afternoon -- go for a walk. It's always warm here, and the sunlight lasts until 7 pm. This does not mean that there won't be a big-ass thunderstorm. Be prepared with your umbrella.
  • Singapore is a beautifully clean and safe city. Go with your umbrella and enjoy!
Now, if one has paid as much money as it costs to stay in the Valley Wing or the Serviced Apartments, Then, I would scour the city for the quietest hotel I could find!

How much longer do I have to live here? They're down to the 24th floor already! Someone please calculate the approximate date that they will have made it down 20 more floors. I don't do math either (only when absolutely necessary). Kthnx?


Dave2 said...

Yes... I loved Singapore. But I admit to being a little taken back to the warning printed for drug smugglers on the entry papers! :-)

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Oh yeah, this government doesn't fool around!

Donna said...

I wish you could come home, we miss you guys. Enough is enough!

Don said...

I'd love to visit Singapore. But all that stuff about jet lag! I went to Taiwan a month and a half ago and experienced no jet lag at all, in either direction. It was weird.

Kentucky Girl said...

I hate with a big purple passion having jet lag. I don't usually get it really but sometimes? Sometimes I get it and I get to the point where I'm just annoyed with breathing because I'm so tired. heh

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Don and KG, you both live on the west coast, and jet-lag doesn't seem to be as troublesome from here to there or vice versa. I guess that's because we're only "4 hours" apart. Obviously, that isn't true, but our bodies don't know the difference. I've never had trouble with jet-lag flying from Singapore to California. It's when we don't have a lot of time and must take the direct flight from Singapore to Newark. That's when jet-lag is a killer because there's a 13 to 14-hour difference. It's day when my body says it's supposed to be night. My body isn't happy during those times!

CK said...

Merry Christmas, Geeky. I got your link - thanks for sharing that one... it's unbelievable how the real estate had jacked up in the past few years. Have yourself a happy holiday!

mister anchovy said...

Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

You know you wouldn't have jet-lag if you got your buns back to the good ole' USA! Then you could be singing Clapton songs with your sis-ta! I got Complete Clapton for Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas - We love you and miss you.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Psst. Merry Christmas! :)