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Sunday, January 20, 2008


I was going to post my Virtual Walk map, but I can't get the dang thing to work! So, I'm walking with Shelli from Minneapolis to Malibu. I only logged 7.8 miles last week. I've been averaging just over 2.5 miles per workout which is good for me. I bought a a new battery for my pedometer, and WHH programmed it, but then I got sick with sinus/ear infections. I managed to log 8.5 miles this past week on the elliptical. The rest of the time I've been a lazy slug, hence no blog updates. Maybe this week I'll get a life! :D


Curiosity Killer said...

Ooh no, an ear infection. What's your routine? Doctor? Or pharmacy drugs?

Looks like I'll be interviewing you a la Citizen of the month. I'll email you pronto!

Lisa said...

Ouchie! Sinus and ear infections can be painful. Ok, so your blog is on the genius level and mine ranked at the kindergarten level. I feel so stupid...LOL. I just realized I can see you! Feel better soon :)

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

CK... I went to the doctor for antibiotics and pseudo-Sudafed. I'm feeling better today, but I would feel even better if I could take some real Sudafed. Why can't they make it a strictly prescription drug? I understand about meth labs, but what about the millions of people who get upper respiratory infections?

I hope you don't ask questions that are too difficult! :D Neil has the most creative blog ideas, doesn't he?

Lisa... Awww, the only reason I got a "genius" level is because I wrote about my dyscalculia issue. I wish I was a genius though!

Roy said...

My own scientific tests have proven that the pseudo-Sudafed is slightly less effective for treating sinus congestion than Tums, and exactly as effective as accidentally swallowed watch batteries.

Shelli said...

Being sick in Singapore is much more of a life than I think I have. :) You'll be fine maybe we'll have a catch up week where we will tell FG that she has to wait up for us. lol

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Roy... You always make me laugh out loud, thank you!

Shelli... Hey, now that's an idea! I'm working hard to catch up, though.