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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Times They Are A-changin'...

The WHH came to Singapore to work temporarily back in September 2004. By December, the MNC decided that he was the man for the job and offered him a 3-year contract starting January 1, 2005. To be honest, I freaked out at first. It was one thing for him to travel over here every 6 months or so, but live in Singapore? Then, there was the issue of our "stuff" and the house. There was no time to have a big garage sale and then sell the house. We gave a lot of stuff away, sold the cars to CarMax, put stuff in storage, and brought the rest with us (bad idea).

The original contract ended December 31, 2007, but it was extended until the end of 2008. The guy who'd hired him for this assignment retired earlier last year, so there was a new boss and a lot of changes. Then about a month ago, we learned that there were even more changes... BIG changes -- we will be repatriating in April (or thereabouts). He's fairly certain of his new position, but we don't know where that will be. A lot of things still need to be ironed out. Mainly the "where and when" of it all, but that will come in time.

I am ambivalent, yet again. I miss our boys and our family and friends terribly, and it'll be nice to at least be on the same continent (even though air travel in the U.S. sucks ASS and I cannot say enough bad things about it, really!).

Beyond being closer to family and friends... the only thing I'm looking forward to is the possibility of me going to TequilaCon '08! Yes kids, if Geeky Tai-Tai is going to be on U.S. soil, she is going to get herself to TequilaCon '08 come hell or high water! This year it is going to be in Philadelphia. I've never been to Philly, so this is another "learning opportunity" for me. Another cool thing? You don't even have to be a blogger to attend! So, my sisters and my BFF's can join me there for a fun-filled weekend in Philly. I have every confidence that they will do their very best to do that because they've missed their Geeky Tai-Tai so much! (heh).

A lot of other bloggers have decided that they will have a theme for the year. I've decided that I will focus more on what new American expats can expect (not that I know very much, but I have actually lived here). I've also been working on a couple of lists: the good and the bad things for Americans living in Singapore. I may wait to publish it until after I've repatriated :D

I also want to get input from my blogging friends about what to do with this blog once I've repatriated. I'm not a writer (where my blogging friends are), so the freebiness of Blogger is a good thing to me, and it's been mucho improved in the last year. I can link to my pics on Flickr; I'm not a photographer, either, although I did pay for the pro account because I wanted a second back-up for them. They are priceless memories to us.

So, "the times they are-a changin'" and I'm in a state of flux. Not that that's bad or anything.

PEE-ESS -- The Shangri-La's aircon system has lost another bearing or something. That sucker has been yelping and squealing all day long. I could tell that they tried to fix it, but the bearing probably needs to be replaced. I'll be hearing that all night long, only to wake up (if I can actually sleep) to more stupid-ass jack-hammers in the morning. Nighty-night! ;-)


Shyanne said...

even if you do go back to work again, you'll always be a geeky american tai -tai at heart. haha!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Shyanne... yes ma'am that's true! hehe I will miss you. You're so talented, and I love reading your blog. I hope that you'll continue to write and keep us up-to-date with the latest in your life.

Dave2 said...

Then your blog will be Americans in... America??

Looking forward to meeting you at last at TequilaCon!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Dave2... I rather like your idea for the title of my blog. I think I'm going to need some guidance on the focus/theme, though.

I'm looking forward to meeting you too! I know that we're all going to have a great time. Even if Karl sleep-walks. As long as he doesn't sleep in the nude the way he did at his mom's!

Hilly said...

Oh how exciting for you...a new year with lots of changes and back to America you come!

I cannot wait to meet you at TequilaCon!!!

jenny said...

Awesome! You have to make it to Philly!

Donna said...

Oh for crying out loud, just get you behinds home. That would be the best thing ever! Singapore is so far away and your family needs you so much. I know that you need to be where the $$ is to take of yours and your family, and I would do the same, but when you have the chance to get your buns back to the good old USA I would jump on it in a heart beat.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Hilly and Jenny.. I am so looking forward to meeting you in real life! We'll have a blast!

Donna... we'll be there before you know it. Maybe you should think about a trip to Philly the first week of May???

Lisa said...

OMG, what is this TequilaCon? I've lived in the Philly area all of my life! I go to school 12 miles from Center City!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Lisa... Here are just a couple of examples of TequilaCon '07 here and here. I sure would like to meet you! :)