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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Life in America

This past summer has been hectic and downright overwhelming at times. Hence, no posts from me. I've missed blogging, but the whole "Oh cool, this will be a great thing to write about" completely disappeared for me.  

Every time we move it seems I have to reinvent myself to adapt to the new environment.  It didn't take me long to adapt to Singapore, except for the heat.  I fell in love with living there.  Living as an expat in another country has a lot of drawbacks, but living in Singapore was almost like a vacation for me the entire time I was there.  Of course, that was not the case for WHH, but he loved his work and we made a lot of wonderful new friends. 

Repatriation has not been as easy for me as my transition to Singapore.  I was used to apartment living, no stairs, a pool we could use year-round for exercise or just relaxing and visiting with our friends and neighbors.  We walked or took a short cab ride to where ever we needed to go so there was no need for a car.  Groceries were delivered to our apartment.  I had help with house-cleaning and ironing.  We essentially had no bills to pay because our rent was already deducted from WHH's salary.  It was too easy for me, and I got spoiled.

Upon our return, it was back to "real" life for me -- a much too-big house without my sons or my Woofie (my 14-year old Terrier mix) this time.   I've felt a little lost as to what my purpose in life is supposed to be now that I'm back.  I enjoy taking pictures and making my silly videos, I love the internet and have made so many new friends via blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.  It's amazing the connections and reconnections one can make.

I've missed my Woofie so much the last four years.  We've always had pets, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for the obligations of pet parenthood.  Adopting a pet is a decision that one cannot make on impulse.  

It wasn't until my friend, Mary, posted pictures and videos of all of her precious puppies online  that I realized I needed to get another dog.  Not just any dog, but a very special breed -- a Havanese.  Mary lives in Connecticut (we've known each other now for about 20 years), but she told me that her friend had a litter of Havanese pups that would soon be ready for adoption.  I was so excited until she told me the cost of one of those beautiful puppies.  I wanted to cry!  

Then Mary suggested that I check out the Havanese Rescue, Inc. website because she's a volunteer with them.  I did, and immediately my heart went out to little Isabella.  HRI contacted me the same day that I sent my application to adopt.  It was explained to me very clearly that it's not me who chooses the puppy.  HRI makes the decision by committee as to who is most suitable for the puppy.  So, I tried very hard not to get my hopes up.  Eventually, the foster mama called to tell me that she felt Isabella needed a home with other dogs.  She suggested I check the site for other dogs available for adoption and I did.

That's when I discovered Clyde and Hunter, 3-year old brothers who needed a new home because their previous family ran into financial difficulties.  I applied to adopt them both because of what Isabella's foster mama had told me, and I also said that I would drive down to Florida to get them.  HRI required four references (and they did call and speak with them) and a home inspection.  It is a very intensive process, but its all for the safety and happiness of the dogs.

I am very pleased to tell you that we were approved for the adoption of the newest members of our family, Clyde and Hunter.  When I arrived at the foster mom's home in Florida, I heard all kinds of barking behind the door.  I knew that she had four of her own Havanese.  She led me into her home and had me sit in a big comfy chair.  Immediately, Clyde was in my lap licking my face.  Hunter went hiding behind her chair.  She brought him around to meet me, and I fell madly in love with these two black and white balls of fur!  

Soon after bringing mah boys home, I realized that I needed to do whatever I can to help protect this precious breed.  I'm very happy to announce that last week, I was officially approved as a Havanese Rescue, Inc. volunteer.  The purpose I was searching for found me.  Life is good.



Monique said...

I loved the green monster clip! When I was in elementary school, I used to put Bingo, the hamster, in his plastic ball and let him roll around the floor. It also allowed Bingo to terrorize Honey, the golden retriever, and gave us endless hours of entertainment. LOL

Dave2 said...

Puppies! Congratulations!

Lisa said...

It's good to see you posting! Congratulations on your new puppies. They look darling.

SJ said...

Once again, congratulations on the two adorable additions to your fambly! And also, YAY for a blog post from Geeky Tai-Tai!!!

Shelli said...

Dogs are so awesome. They love you even after you scold them for eating your favorite pair of underwear.

Have the T-shirt said...

So happy when I checked out your blog today and found Clyde and Hunter.....and YOU!

I can't imagine the adjustment you've been through, but I'm glad that you have found your purpose. We all need one.

I've been thinking about getting a second dog....I keep fighting the urge though, but yours are so CUTE! That monster is a hoot!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Monique Our sons used to do the same thing with their hamster. It's hilarious!

Dave2 Thank you.

Lisa They really are. Thank you, Lisa.

SJ They're so much fun!

Shelli HAHAH! You're absolutely correct.

T-Shirt You sound like me, it took me a good long time to decide I wanted to have dogs again. These two are so entertaining. They love to run and chase each other. I laugh a lot!

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

Awwwww - they are so cute! That's great that you are finding something to fill your (what I am assuming is an) empty nest!


Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Sheila(CSR) Thank you so much. Yes, the nest was very empty, and I felt empty too. I'm much happier now with these two fellas.

hello haha narf said...

just thinking about you on thanksgiving.

C. K. said...

Oh puppies! Congratulations on your happy settling back in America. :)

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

C.K. Thank you very much!

marty mankins said...

Welcome back to the states. I need to back to previous posts and read your adventures.

Hope your holidays are good.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Thank you, Marty, I appreciate you stopping by! I wish you all the best this holiday season!