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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After Thanksgiving

Sure hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Day. For us, it was just another day. Partly sunny in the morning, thunderstorms in the afternoon. By the way, the haze is gone. The winds have changed direction and the rainy season is getting underway.

Since yesterday was just another day, we decided that we would have Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow (our Saturday) over at Alex and Cristina's. They were with us last year, but Catarina is almost a year and a half and our apartment isn't baby-proofed. It would'nt be fun for her or Alex and, I'm taking the fixin's over there late morning to prepare. Alex wanted to learn the recipe for Gloria's Famous Stuffing anyway. Now, he'll have firsthand knowledge. They've also invited Bogdan and Geta, so it will be an American-Romanian Thanksgiving Day. I think we'll have a fabulous time, which is what Thanksgiving Day is all about in the first place -- gluttony and slothfulness. (heehee)

I just checked on the bird, and it was still mostly frozen. It is currently floating in water in the guestroom bathtub. You're supposed to thaw them in cold water, but there is no such thing here. Even the maid's shower (if we had one) has no hot water. Anyway.....this is when I miss my house on Ramsden Run, although this kitchen is much more efficient than that one. I did have that big basin in the garage that I always used to thaw my turkeys.

I think Jim had the day off and went to Nana and Papaw's for a Thanksgiving meal. He bought himself his Christmas present already, an Xbox. He's got one game that he's compulsively trying to beat (where does he get that??) I think I know what he would like for Christmas.

Patrick went to Parham's lake home for Turkey Day. They called us this morning, and it sounded like they were having a grand time. Seems one of us Brooks' has spent Thanksgiving with the Parham's for the past 7-8 years.

I was just proofing this and realized that I write too much like Elaine Bennis...........I took out the majority of the exclamation marks (remember that episode?). Oh yeah, read all about Kramer ruining what little was left of his career in comedy. Shame! Shame! Shame! (Elaine again).

OK, I'll take some pics tomorrow or maybe I'll have Michael take pics to post.

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