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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our Thanksgiving

We had our Thanksgiving today at Alex and Cristina's home. They invited Bogdan and Geta to join us. Catarina's friends, Georgia and Alice, stopped by too.

Alex prepared the most wonderful cheese tarts to start off our day before preparing "Tommy". It was a bit hectic at times with so many cooks in the kitchen, and Michael was fretting over Tommy like his mom used to do..........mainly because the bag broke and the "thingy" hadn't popped up. We put the lid on the roasting pan and all was well. The stuffing was perfect. Tommy was a bit dry, but hey that's what the gravy is for.

Alex made the most wonderful Greek salad to go along with the usual green bean casserole I made (that's one of those dishes that I must have for a holiday meal) and a mushroom tart -- I'm getting hungry again. Oh, and for dessert we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream from a can (Georgia and Alice liked that a lot) and Alex's famous melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dessert. That was the ultimate!

You can view the photos in my web album.

From Thanksgiving ...

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