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Friday, December 29, 2006


I "met" Rose at the Google Help Group. She's helped me plenty with Blogger issues. Today, I actually took the time to check out her blog. She describes a whirlwind tour of 20 blogs in an hour and a half. I think it sounds fun, so am going to give a try now.

I've started with Mr. Anchovy (since that's where Rose started out). Mr. Anchovy has a varied blog with anything from recipes for Patychky, movie reviews, music videos.

Next stop..........SQUEEZEMYLEMON. Lots of information about the blues, artists, videos. Cool!

Onward to INDIEBLOGHEAVEN another music-oriented blog, then to An Aquarium Drunkard for more music and videos.

Rambling Canuck last posted December 13, with an in-depth review of "Shakey, Neil Young's Biography" written by Jimmy McDonough. Next with The Last Hideout I got myself all dizzy watching the "Line Rider" video. Whew!

I came across "The [Cherry] Ride", interesting reading -- fun and very witty. Then on to [redacted]. -- this one's another fun read his most recent post being the "Bests and Worsts of 2006". This led me to Deconstructionist with a guest post by One Child Left Behind. Excellent writing!

I'm getting the feeling that Rose is a speed-reader. It's taken me much longer than 1 1/2 hours to check out 10 blogs and to get a "feel" for them. I'm going to stop for this evening. My eyes are going wonky on me! I will do my best to resume this project tomorrow


Rose said...

Diana, thank you and I'm happy that you joined me on blog hopping. I hope that others will too. :) I'll be sending you your blog hopping star for your blog and now I'm off to hop to the blogs that you visited. I'm going to tell them Diana sent me.

mister anchovy said...

hi from Toronto Diana. Happy New Year.

Roy said...

Clapton is God. ;)

Diana said...

Oh yeah! He's coming to Singapore January 10. We haven't seen him in concert since 1975. I can't wait!