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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The "Aircon" is FINALLY Working

I spent most of today indoors, even though the sun was shining most of the day. After all of the dreary days we've had, it was very hard on me to stay home.....alone. You see, I had to be here for the aircon dudes. They've been here at least once a week for the last two-three weeks. I didn't know what was wrong with the bedroom "aircon" except for the fact that there WAS NO AIRCON!

We've had our big-ass (I've liked that term ever since we were in NOLA for the Super Bowl in 2002) fan between the office and our bedroom all this time. I do sleep better with the noise of the fan, but dang, I'm suffering "lack o'hormones" and I need "aircon"!

So, I'm sitting here at my pc playing Spider whilst (Singaporeans say that a lot, and I like the sound of it) aircon dudes are climbing in and out of my office window. They had to get to the compressor. The first aircon dudes were calling the office and speaking Singlish, but I could hear a few real English words..."Brooks, computer, office, bedroom, on-it, off-it". Hmmm....

The first aircon dudes were here for 2 hours. I'm starting to think that the Greedy One will have to pay big time for her evilness.

At 3 p.m. the first aircon dude who sort of speaks English says "Madam, we can not repair aircon. The boss will come at 5 to fix aircon. OK?" Well, yeah, it's OK, I've been waiting for two weeks to get this stupid thing fixed! I was nice and pleasantly replied, "Sure, I can be here at 5."

The second group arrived ten minutes early. I was impressed with that. They worked until after 7:15 and so far, our bedroom feels like the Arctic! YES! I WILL BE ABLE TO SLEEP-IN TOMORROW (maybe 8 a.m.?).............except I get a call from "Miss E" the nasty agent for the Greedy One.

Damn if she didn't have her most pleasant voice for me, "Miz Brrrook, can show tomorrow at 1:30?" I've never understood this woman on the first try. I always have to say "WHAT???" I understood the second time, and then, she said, "Also Thursday at 12?" What am I going to say? I replied, "Can can". Miss E said, "OK, OK, OK" and hung up abruptly.

By the way, the bill was only $250. The Greedy One gets away again!

I really do not want to move downstairs, but I will be happy to be free of the Greedy One and her evil agent Miss E!

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