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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Evil Agent Miss "E"

Evil Agent, Miss E, was here yesterday with a client. They weren't here five minutes. As she was leaving she said, "Ms. Brrroook, why you not return my calls?" I replied, "I did return your call, but you didn't answer." (I only returned her call after she left a message on my machine). Then she said, "I come tomorrow at 12:00, and on Saturday?" I said, "I don't know about Saturday."

She just looked at me for a second or two smiling that fake agent smile of hers, and said, "It is my job to show this place." I replied, "I understand that you have a job, but I have a life. In two weeks we will be out of here and you can show it as often as you wish." I'm so proud of myself! I'll probably agree to Saturday, though, because Michael gets home from Europe tomorrow morning and will want to sleep, and I have bowling.

I noticed in the paper that the Greedy One has lowered the asking price for rent for this place another $500 -- now down by $1,000 less than what she wanted to gouge out of us. HAA!!!

Also in the paper yesterday was an article about a woman being sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for pinching and hitting her 20-year old Filipino maid. The nasty woman, Jurina, a divorcee with two young sons, one being autistic. The autistic boy attends the Spastic Children's Association School (I am NOT making that up). These incidents are rather common here along with hacking murders. Guns are illegal, but knives aren't.

From the Straits-Times:

The next day, while Jurina was looking through her older son's school
books, she saw some mistakes in his mathematics work.

The freelance beauty therapist scolded the maid for not teaching him well enough and then hit her on the head repeatedly with a television remote control. Two days later, she struck again. While Ms Felipe was helping prepare the younger boy for school, she took out a Game Boy, a hand-held game machine, from his school bag as she knew it was not allowed in school. She passed the Game Boy to Jurina,
who asked her to hurry as they were running late.

Jurina then hit the maid on the forehead with the machine.

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