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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Any Soldier

Yesterday, I read an inspiring post by Dave 2. He'd gotten some very sad news in an e-mail, and rather than doing stupid stuff, he decided to go shopping for AnySoldier. I encourage you to read Dave's post, and this one from today.

For my friends who live in Singapore......Michael and I have tried to send things from Singapore to Iraq (Matt & friends). One item landed in Hawaii for a week before we were notified. We had to ship it to Michael's sister in Indiana, and then she shipped to Matt in Iraq. It's not so easy from here, but you can still send letters!

For my U.S. family and friends........please read both of Dave's posts. You need not spend a fortune; it's the little stuff that counts. As Dave says, a note or letter will do very nicely too. If you happen to have a soldier's e-mail address, then send one to let them know you're thinking of them and you're proud of them.

Michael and I are FAR from living in a war-zone -- Singapore being the lush tropical isle that it is. However, we do understand about living on the other side of the world. A big question comes to mind.... "Does anyone miss us?" I can't imagine being a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. So, please.............check out Any Soldier for our troops, for our country, and for yourself -- you'll feel good, I promise!

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