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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Catch Up.....

I haven't posted lately, so I'll need to catch up in this post.

Thursday was Alex's 40th birthday. Michael took him out for a few beers and headed on home in a cab. Coming home, he started feeling queasy, getting chills and a sore throat. Once home, he had a low-grade temperature. He ended up staying home from work Friday.

Alex and Cristina hosted a birthday party Friday night for Alex with the usual cast of fun characters invited. It was fun to see everyone, but it felt weird for me without Michael(he was still sleeping). I can't remember everything they served, but Alex did make those wonderful mushroom tarts and a turkey (it took a lot longer for it to cook than he'd planned). Paul was really funny and started dancing later in the evening -- which included attempts to twirl me around. I just can't do those anymore (actually, neither could he), but it was fun. I got home in the wee hours and Michael woke up for a bit for me to tell him about the party.

After about 28 hours of sleep, Michael arose feeling much better, but his back was killing him. He's been having trouble with it ever since his team-building fun in Malacca. I believe he attempted to lift someone over a wall (same kind of thing he did last year). Anyway, he went to see Dr. Tan about it yesterday and the doctor asked, "Do you realize how many people are actually dropped and injured during those team-building games?" The "trust factor" doesn't enter into this at all, why do these companies think it does?

I swear I'm going to write a letter to the company who hosts those stupid things. Just because my husband is 6 feet tall and bigger than everyone else does NOT mean he can lift 180 pounds over a wall!

So, he ended up having another MRI yesterday. I hope that he doesn't have a herniated disk this time.

We are officially moving down to the 4th floor. A guy is coming here this morning to estimate how much stuff we have to move.

Oh, and the aircon in our master bedroom is still broken. Each night, we've had to bring the fan into our office and aim it into the bedroom so that we can sleep without sweating. I am going to make an issue of this because of that bitch landlady! I hope it costs a fortune to repair it!

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Rose said...

I hope that he is feeling better.