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Thursday, January 4, 2007

I've Found A Most Amazing Woman

This morning Jing came over, and since she doesn't have internet access, I printed out some of the blogs that I've been reading the last few days -- including one of my very favorite posts, "Midnight confessions with the hotband...(VERY X RATED/NSFW)" for her to take home with her to read later.

I decided since I had a bit of time (waiting for the aircon dudes to show up), I would read more of CP's blog. This woman, CP (short for Certifiable Princess), makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants. No joke! Yet, after I read several of her posts, I ended up with my stomach in knots, almost to the point of getting sick -- I had so much adrenalin coursing through me, all the while tears are streaming down my face. Yes, I know, I'm suffering "lack o' hormones", but after reading other comments I know I'm not alone on this one.

While I was reading CP's blog, she commented on mine below "I get no love. I produce good videos. I get no love. :( CP." That is simply not true, CP. I must admit, that I was terribly remiss in not mentioning her blog before. I'm not even sure how I discovered her, but I'm very glad I did! She is a very powerful and creative writer (and comedic video producer). I simply cannot do her writing justice here. I don't have that kind of talent myself. Make sure you check her out and be prepared with tissues -- you'll need to wipe up after yourself!

I, for one, am looking forward to the next thing she dreams up. The dance contest between Avi and Mr. Fab was hilarious!

OK, the aircon dudes have finally shown up and I've got to get some work done. Check with later.

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