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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cody Matherson

After reading The [Cherry] Ride's "Turn It Up Fridays" post last week and again this week, I had to do some Google-sleuthing.....

The album covers in question:

It just seemed to me that these were just too dorky to be real. After spending way too much time on this (I've got compulsive issues, ok?), I've come to the conclusion that Cody's album cover is a hoax, because the title of the album is from a Simpson's episode (you can listen to the song here).


  • Is the guy "featured" on this fake album cover really named Cody Matherson?
  • Why would "friends" would do this to Cody?
  • What did Cody do to deserve this kind of internet exposure?
  • Why do I still laugh my ass off whenever I see this album cover????
Now, onto Joyce Drake. I've come to the conclusion that this is, indeed, a real album cover circa 1982-3. Her album's big number was "I Get All Excited"! Apparently, Joyce was an Assembly of God pastor's wife in Sealy, Texas back in the 70's. I also read that Joyce was an accomplished pianist. If anyone knows where I can listen to a snippet of Joyce's music, I'd be most appreciative if you'd leave a comment!


mister anchovy said...

I've thought for a long time that the music business has little to do with music and a lot to do with marketing. I think we need more music in our communities, what Michelle Shocked calls "Homemade Jam" (if everybody made some, we wouldn't need those corporate jam factories). That is one of the reasons I decided, at 40, to learn to play music.

Flumadiddle said...

I think Cody and Joyce should get together and have a torrid affair.