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Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Walk at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

I decided to go to the Botanic Gardens this morning since it was a sunny day. I haven't been for a walk over there in quite some time. It's beautiful and peaceful there during the week. Weekends are rather crowded with tourists, joggers, families. I like it when it's quiet and I can walk at a good pace.

Costus Spiralis "Strawberry Bud"

Once I had gotten myself sufficiently worn out and sweaty, I decided to cool off in the gift shop -- I love the stuff they have in there. I also found out that all this time I've been blaming the poor Myna birds for waking me up when it's actually been the Asian Koel!

I checked Wikipedia the Koel is a member of the Cuckoo bird family.

Our Alarm Clock mp3

After cooling off in the shop, I needed to use the ladies room before I had some lunch. I went in to the only available regular toilet to find this scary-ass bug! Scared the pee right out of me!
I decided to share the toilet with the scary-ass bug because this was the only alternative and I still have not received my WhizPlus!!!


Flumadiddle said...

I just don't think I could ever get used to those toilets.

Diana said...

Nope....after 2 years, I haven't gotten used to them. The stench alone just about makes me.....well we won't get into that! I did get an e-mail from WhizBiz today, and I should have my WhizPlus x 2 next week some time! THANK YOU!!

I love Singapore..........but the "squatty-potty" toilets are so stinky, slippery, and down-right nasty! One of my friends has actually fallen into one. Fortunately, she did not contract any horrible illness from contact with the foul toilet, BUT SHE COULD HAVE! Damn!

Donna said...

The gardens are beautiful, the toilet though, is less desirable especially with that bug!!! Egads, you shouldn't have to share with a gigantic bug!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I love that you took a photo of the toilet.

Diana said...

"I love that you took a photo of the toilet."

Be thankful I didn't include Smell-o-vision along with the pic! :D