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Thursday, February 1, 2007

NICE People

After only having 5 hours sleep the last few nights in a row, I told Michael that I wouldn't be getting much accomplished today, and I kept my promise :D

When we were handed-over this apartment the other day, Mr. Pleasant recommended a curtain-lady to alter the black-out curtains I had made for upstairs. She arrived on time and was very nice. I should have black-out curtains Tuesday morning for S$69! YAY! Maybe we'll be able to sleep again. It never gets dark outside this building because of the hotel.

Then, the contractor came to repair everything that we found the other day. You betcha' I'm documenting everything and sending to our agent. They were only minor complaints, but with the way things have gone with the AXIS OF EVIL upstairs.....

Mr. Fixitguy was also very nice and explained to me how to use this.....(sorry, I'm only using my cellphone camera. I can't find the USB cord for my good camera)(The Fujioh Oil Tech)

The Fujioh sucks the oil from the air and puts it into this drip-pan:

If this thing really works, it will be great since Michael LOVES to fix bacon and sausage concoctions on Saturdays and Sundays. I love the primo bacon sandwich that he came up with a few weeks ago. He'd eat those every other day if I'd agree to it. I am always happy to let him cook if he's in the mood!

I ate left-overs for lunch today, and after reading all of my favorite news sources and blogs, I needed a nap. Since our MBR is facing West, I had to put on a blind-fold thing that we got from one of the airlines. I slept for 2 hours and I needed it. After removing the blindfold, I realized that I've got a big head because that sucker was pushing on my eyes so much that it took an hour for me to get my vision straight again.

After my nap, I thought I'd better get some of this office straightened out. I found some of my files, and thought about finding the rest, but decided against it. Then, I remembered the few dishes in the sink. "I'll just put them in the dishwasher, since that's the only hot water we have"....The top rack will not pull out, at all. So, I can only use the bottom rack. I ended up washing the few things with cold water and LOTS of soap.

An hour ago, our former "neighbor", Helaine, called to ask if she could bring us some dinner. Honestly, that made me cry, it was just SOOooo NICE! Helaine and Mike's apartment was above ours, but in a different tower. They could see me sitting out on my terrace having a smoke, a drink, and listening to music. I could see their lights switch off and on in the dining room :D

There are so many nice people in this world, why would I let a few AXIS OF EVIL/GREEDY/SKANKY people get to me???

MAJOR EDIT......How could I've forgotten to include the fact that Allen was so NICE to bring me a NICE big bottle of Absolut??? Thank you Allen!

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