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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Cristina

Last night we met Alex and Cristina at Walla Walla's in Holland Village to celebrate Cristina's 26th birthday (31 March) and our 29th anniversary (April Fool's Day). We ate a whole lot of yummy food: beef short ribs (delicious!!!), calamari, jalapeno poppers, crispy chicken wings, pepperoni pizza, and tomato/mozzarella salad.

Then there were the drinks. Ahh...the fun stuff! :D We started with beers; Michael--Super ColdTall Tiger and Carlsberg beers, Alex--Leffe, Cristina--Hoegaarden beer, and me???--my all-time fav Kilkenny (yes, it has usurped Becks and Killian's Irish Red, but that's just me). Eventually we moved on to....DANGER! DANGER!!! Tequila woohoo!

I thought it tasted rather smooth, but I was informed that, really there's a lot better. Okay, I still thought it was wild and fun! There's just something about tequila that is fun.

The conversation varied rather wildly, as one would expect with massive quantities of alcohol. [RW, if you're reading this, I'm afraid we didn't have a need for the wine-pairing list -- dammit, I hate that!]. WHH, ever the optimist, hoped for many, many kisses for the evening. I nixed that shit in the bud (not really, I like him optimistic !!!) :D
We talked about how cool Barang Barang is. Someone told me that Barang means "stuff" or something like that in Malay -- brought on because Alex and Cristina gave us a really cool tray meant for WHH to bring me bacon-y goodness on our anniversary Sunday morning! Oh yeah, baby....Mmmm....hmmm!

Cristina thought it was funny that we're grateful we never had girls...We talked about Bogdan and his football team, Albirex.

Eventually, one of us mentioned to the waiter that it would be Cristina's birthday at midnight. Whaddya' know? He brought out a bottle of champagne...on the house! Another WOOHOO!!

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