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Saturday, March 31, 2007

certifiably shopping with certifiable princess

Certifiable Princess (CP) has started a new SHOPPING blog. She has revealed her secret shoe shopping site here...AND they ship internationally!!! YAY for me!

So go on over to certifiably shopping with certifiable princess, be sure to tell her I sent you there in the comments. Yes, do not be shy about telling her I sent you there. It's A GOOD THING to leave COMMENTS. So, de-lurk yourselves, mk? I promise she doesn't bite. Thank you.


Krup said...

i had a feeling you were going to like the "impeach bush club" video! my wife and i plan on becomming ex-pats (in italy!) in 5-8 years -- not as exotic as singapore but we'll have a little more in common. love your blog and thanks for all of the nice comments...

Diana said...

KRUP, you're one of my favs, and I'm all ga-ga that you've commented on my blog! It's sooo cool! I've enjoyed your blog because you always have cool videos -- and...I love your puppies!

Honestly, Singapore sounds exotic because it's in Asia, but after Bangkok last week?? It's a walk in the park, although, not Central Park!

I hope that you and your wife can do the ex-pat thing in Italy. I think that you'll be happy that you gave it a try. Life is too short not to try something new. :D