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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Why one should live on a higher floor in a condo in Singapore:

  1. The number 4 sounds like DEATH in Chinese
  2. Lower floors are closer to the garbage bin
  3. Cockroaches from the garbage bin stop in for a visit at the nearest apartment (via the rubbish chute) -- and decide to stay
  4. Can hear children running and screaming above
  5. Can hear children running and screaming below at the pool
  6. Closer to the Shangri-La's garbage collection area that is noisy night and day
  7. The guards in the guard shack can see EVERYTHING in the kitchen and dining room
  8. Birds in the trees are just ouside bedroom windows
  9. Birds get confused about the time of day because the landscape lighting is shining in their trees
  10. Not enough time to put lipstick on in the lift

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