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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Friday

Whenever WHH (Way-HOT Husband) has a holiday, we enjoy sleeping in, lazing around, eating a good bacon-filled breakfast, taking a nap. Yesterday, however, we were awakened at 8 with little screamer-girl's ultra high-pitched screams. She screamed non-stop for a full fifteen minutes. She was livid, I tell you! I'm pretty sure that Li'l Screamer Girl climbed out of her crib. I heard no approaching "adult-sounding" footsteps, but I eventually heard her little feet running throughout the apartment. I don't know where the rest of the family was; out on the terrace and they couldn't hear her? That doesn't make a bit of sense; we could hear her through these concrete floors that WI-FI can't even get through!

After her screams stopped, I laid in bed awhile thinking I might fall back to sleep, but that didn't happen because the phone rang. Whoever it was hung up after the answering-machine picked up. I still laid there because I'm lazy that way, BUT then a damn bird decided to perch atop the railing outside our bedroom window squawking away for several minutes. He sounded like he was in the room with us! Sheesh! Scared me half to death. So, I got my lazy butt out of bed. WHH was able to go back to sleep for at least another hour or so.

Now the issue of the phone call with no message really pisses me off. For some reason, my phone showed that WHH's cell phone called (I know that it wasn't him because he was lying in bed with me). Weird! Since the caller hung up without leaving a message, I have no idea who it really was.

The way caller ID works here is, once I know the number of someone calling, I must program the name of that person into my phones. If I don't recognize the number, I don't pick up. I refuse to be beholden to a damn telephone. I have phones for my convenience...not to be at other people's beck and "call". So, if you're calling and I don't pick up, please leave a message. Otherwise, I'm not going to call back because I don't know who you are.

Which leads me to the next topic...

Telemarketers have figured out that Singaporeans are going to pick up their phones--ALWAYS! Singaporeans love their handphones. The nuisance calls have increased dramatically since we moved here. Telemarketers are really rather sly because most of the time the number shows up as "Overseas". When I see that, I pick up because I think it's one of our sons or other family. Once they start yapping at me, I hang up. I could go on and on about phone issues, but I won't...for now, anyway.


We went to River Quay Seafood last night. It'd been too long since we'd had our favorite black-pepper crab and my favorite cheese lobster. My, oh my, that cheese lobster is decadent! Have a look.....Yummy!! The lobster is an Australian Rock Lobster, that tends to be tough and chewy, unlike Maine lobster (oooohhh!!). What makes this one so nice is that they steam it, then they slather that cheesy stuff all over it, then bake it "just enough" so that the outside is a bit crispy, yet the cheese and lobster is, oooh, so delicious.

We always get some fried rice and bok choy. I tried making bok choy a few weeks ago, but I don't have the patience to make homemade oyster sauce. My bok choy sucked ass. I try, I really do.

While waiting for our food, WHH took a photo of me... (please check out Karl's blog) :D

I made a couple more videos of Tania last night too...

Tania performing "Before You Accuse Me"

and... "Love Song"