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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Li'l Screamer Girl and The Landlady

Li'l Screamer Girl is starting to piss me off. She woke WHH up at about 6, but then she quieted down for a while. Then, around 7:30 she started screaming and did NOT stop for at least an hour. She is SCREAMING her lungs out! She is relentless and she is pissed.

After having a cup of coffee I began pondering the matter with my aching AIRHEAD. Where are the parents? We know that they take turns working out in the mornings during the week. She swims for miles and he works out in the gym. There is no screaming. Weekends are different. I think Mom of Li'l Screamer Girl goes down to swim, and I think Dad is reading the paper on the terrace or something -- completely oblivious to his daughter's tirade. Most dads are rather adept at tuning kids out if they're busy or just don't want to deal with them. They're better at selective hearing than moms. LSG has two older brothers, but they probably don't want her to bug them so they tune her out too.

I've decided that I'll just have to turn Li'l Screamer Girl over to The Landlady to handle the matter. I think Pearl could out-scream her any day.

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