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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Travel Advice

WHH has some business in Amsterdam the week after next. I'm planning to meet him in Amsterdam 26 April. Then we'll drive to visit our friends, Joerg and Lucia, in Amersfoort for the weekend.

Then we plan to do some touring of Belgium the following week. I'd like to go to Antwerp, Brussels, and Brugge (Google Map). We won't have a lot of time, but we'd like to check out as much as possible. I love learning the history of places. I also like to try the local favorite foods (and beer). Do any of you who have traveled to Belgium have recommendations of can't miss places for us?


RW did a cool meme today, so I decided to give it a try too. As he says, it takes a lot of time, but it's pretty interesting. Give it a try, just make sure you have some time for it. The results of mine are below:


(Emotions, Relationships)

All heart, have been granted with the gift of feeling, The world is a stage for those of this style.

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Feelings: Dramatic men and women live in an emotional world. They are sensation oriented, emotionally demonstrative, and physically affectionate. They react emotionally to events and can shift quickly from mood to mood.
Color: They experience life vividly and expansively. They have rich imaginations, they tell entertaining stories, and they are drawn to romance and melodrama.
Spontaneity: Dramatic individuals are lively and fun. Their joie de vivre leads them to act on impulse to take advantage of the moment.
Applause: Compliments and praise are like food and water to persons with Dramatic style: they need them to go on.
Appearance: They pay a lot of attention to grooming, and they enjoy clothes, style, and fashion.
Sexual attraction: In appearance and behavior, Dramatic individuals enjoy their sexuality. They are seductive, engaging, charming tempters and temptresses.

UPDATE: I asked WHH to give this one a try, and here are his results:


Possess an exceptional awareness of their environment, Survivors, antennae, Naturally assume role of social critic/watchdog.


(Emotions, Relationships)

Familiarity breeds comfort, contentment, & inspiration, avoid wide social networks, avoid celebrity, like emotionally secure environment.



Work ethic, get the job done and done right, strong morals and values, loyal, perfectionist.


Mrs RW said...

You and I got exactly the same results. Maybe we're the same person separated by an ocean??

Diana said...

OK, this is going to be in my Tennessee accent, "I told ye we're kindred spirits!" :D They really do say that kind of thing in East Tennessee. Just imagine it being drawled out. I was curious to see if WHH and RW's profiles were similar.

James Brooks said...

Your Personality Profile Type(s): Leisurely


Free to be me, happiness is what their life is all about, can find pleasure from almost any source.

For the full profile of your type click here.


More Personality Profile resources.

Type Percent
Vigilant 71%
Solitary 57%
Idiosyncratic 78%
Adventurous 41%
Mercurial 56%
Dramatic 63%
Self - Confident 56%
Sensitive 29%
Devoted 56%
Concientous 39%
Leisurely 89%
Aggressive 44%
Self - Sacrificing 88%