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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bowling for $$$

Yesterday was my last day of bowling for the season. This has been the best season for me in my entire bowling life! Many, many years ago when I lived in Carlinville, IL, my dear friend, Leslie, asked me to be on her bowling team. I hemmed, hawed, and told her, "I don't know how to bowl. I can't bowl on a league!"

She replied, "Sure you can! It doesn't matter how well you bowl. You'll have a high handicap and it will help my team. C'mon, I just need one more bowler... Please???"

I relented and bowled on her team for two seasons with great suckage! I sucked so bad I didn't even get "Most Improved Bowler". Leslie would get so frustrated with me, "C'mon, Diana, focus!"

I am not, nor have I EVER been athletically-inclined. Leslie? Whatever she sets out to do, she can. Same with WHH and a couple of my sisters (I'm talking about athletic ability here). It's just there for them. It is not there for me. Leslie went on to become a pro bowler for several years. Since she left the circuit, she refuses to bowl because she's not 100% and it just wouldn't be fun.

There was about a 10-year gap from my couple of years bowling with Leslie until a new friend, Peg, in Morristown, TN asked me to sub for her team. Once again, I hemmed, hawed, told her of my horrible performance previously, and she said, "Look, it doesn't matter how well you bowl. Really, I promise. We just need a body so that we don't have to forfeit."

Alright, when she put it that way, I decided that I didn't have anything to lose. She went with me to K-Mart to help me buy a my own brand-new bowling ball and shoes. After that, I began to improve. I started bowling Monday mornings and Thursday nights. My average gradually went up every year and I actually started having fun. Most importantly, I made friends.

I didn't bowl when we lived in New York, but after we moved to Atlanta I did. Two of my friends from Morristown, TN lived there and were on a team with another "out-of-towner". We had so much FUN, and I miss those gals a lot! Damn, we had GOOD TIMES! (Atlanta team----->)

I asked WHH if we could please join the American Club specifically so that I could join a bowling league. Last year, the league got a late start and there were only 4 teams. We had fun, but we needed more teams. This year, we combined our Friday morning league with the American Women's Association and it was so much better. Particularly, since the "Girlfriends" were in 1st place all season -- a 1st for me EVER! AND, I had High Series Handicap from early on in the season.

That is, until yesterday. Two of our teammates were out, so it was just Val and me. Just to give you an example of my inconsistent "athleticism"... Last week I bowled 131, 111, 131. This week 164, 109, 124. I still suck at this game!

My first game was really great, but Val was off her game. She's usually very consistent. I think we won the first game, but lost the other two and total pins. I hate when that happens.

Nancy took it upon herself to organize our bowling banquet at The American Club. She made nice favors for everyone, had fun things for us to talk and laugh about, gave out some cool prizes that included a couple of bottles of wine. The food was yummy and there was free-flow of champagne, wine, and juice. Thank you, Nancy!

Then, Khai, came up to announce the winners and hand out the cash. I shared High Series Handicap with Wendy, and then the news of the winning teams... WE LOST 1st place by ONE POINT -- because we lost the games that morning! Whaddya' gonna' do, uh?

I've never been on a team that has placed this high. I'm very happy! Hell, in ATL, they always gave our team special awards because we were always in LAST place! :D We still had fun -- that's the whole point!


Shyanne said...

hello Diana!

it's nice to know you blog. another one to add to my daily reading list. =)

Diana said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hee! You mentioned in a comment on my blog that we must have lived in the same town.

Close enough - I used to live in Litchfield, no longer do, but think that most small towns (and their populations) are interchangeable parts.

Much love,