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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shepherds Pie and a Big Hickey On My Neck

Curiosity Killer posted her recipe for Shepherds Pie the other day, and it sounded so good that I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did! It is delicious and WHH says, "It's a keeper!"

I made a couple of mistakes like forgetting to put in the thyme and I didn't get my sauce thick enough. Still, it tasted great and it's nice to have something different to serve for dinner. I made quite a bit, so I portioned the left-overs and put them in the freezer.

Here's a picture of my somewhat runny Shepherds Pie:

You know how I'm compulsive with my recipe cards so you can download a 4 x 6 card here for Curiosity Killer's yummy recipe. If you try it, be sure to let CK know how you liked it.


Do you have any habits that you do, completely unaware, whilst engrossed in a book, movie, or writing? Apparently, I have several one of them being scratching my neck until I give myself a hickey! It wasn't until last night as I was reading blogs that I realized my neck was itching like crazy!

I asked WHH, "Do I have a rash or something on my neck?"

WHH, "Uh, no, but you do have a hickey! What the hell you been doin'?"

"Well, I just realized that my neck is really itchy and I've been scratching at it all day long without knowing it."

He caught me at it again this morning before he left for work.

WHH, "Get.your.hands.away.from.your.neck! Jeez! You already have a hickey so big you're gonna look like a slut! I'm gonna fix that right now."

He proceeded to put one of those silicone healing patches over it. Now it sort of looks like I had some kind of bad tracheotomy or something.

I'm beginning to wonder if this could be some sort of blogger phenomenon??


Curiosity.Killer said...

So glad you liked the shepherd's pie. I feel so honored! I've never been on a recipe card before... *SOB* Thank you! ;)

Sizzle said...

i thought that maybe when he said he was going to fix it he was going to come over and give you a REAL hickey. heehee.

Bob Merrick said...

I LOVE a good Sheppard's Pie! I may just have to give this one a try...

Kentucky Girl said...

You got a got a la la la laaaa laaaa. LOL

Flumadiddle said...

I love Shepherd's pie, too.

I get dry patches on my leg and scratch them until their bruised. I guess I'm lucky I don't do it to my neck.

Diana said...

C.K. -- You're very welcome *wink* My mom's going to try it too.

Sizzle -- It sure would've been a lot more fun!

Bob -- Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by :-).

KG -- You're a riot! :0)

Flummadiddle -- Yeah, 'cause ya' can't be goin' out on the town looking like a harlot!

Webmiztris said...

sorry. it's my blog. it has a tendency to make people break into hives. ;)

mister anchovy said...

shepherd's pie is ultimate comfort food isn't it?....I wonder where I can get some RIGHT NOW?

Ramani said...


You don't seem to have applied the code from step 1 for expandable posts.
That's why it's not working.