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Monday, July 23, 2007

I Got Snacked On... and I Ate a Double Deuce!

I've been Snacked On by NYCWatchdog in his Sunday Smorgasboard! Every Sunday NYCWD reviews some of the 250+ blogs he reads every day. I am honored that he thought my post about my handy-dandy shopping trolley was worthy of mention in his Smorgasboard! Thank you very much Dawg.

NYCWD Vlogs about cereal too, check it out because they're always entertaining and fun to watch. Leave a comment for him too because it's always nice to get to know the people who stop by.


I had fully intended to post this Vlog (video) yesterday, but first my computer crashed (stupid Windows!) and I had to start over. Then, I forgot to change the format and it took all night to upload to Google. It finally made it, and so here you go... I hope you like it ;0) Oh yeah, leave a comment for me too, will ya?

You can also see the video here


Mick's Page said...

Hi Diana.

Congratulations on your ‘I've been Snacked On by NYCWatchdog in his Sunday Smorgasboard!’.

Your computer crashing, funny that my browser [firefox with Google programs] crashed on Sunday as well. What I thought would be a relative simple problem to fix [uninstall the old, install the new] its taken well over 36-hours to solve and to get the browser up and running again [90-per cent].

Your video - priceless, definitely 5-star grading. WHH can make me one of those yummy special sandwiches as well. [You are very brave to put up a video like that well done] The video, very professional

Patrick said...


I am quite envious of you for getting to eat like that every Sunday... Ahh, yes, I do remember the days, long ago when I too was able to feast on the scrumptious delights of Sunday sunshine that are Dad's true calling. ...fuck you I'm goin to waffle house. ...

Avitable said...

It's nice to see you on video and hear your voice. Very different from what I imagined in my head.

Diana said...

Mick... So sorry to hear about your pc troubles. It can be very frustrating to get them working. Thank you so much for the compliments. Coming from a professional such as yourself, it means a lot that you enjoyed the video.

Pdub... Why I oughtta...!

Avi... I'm hoping that was a compliment ;0)