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Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Such a Sap!

Miss Ann took the The Brutally Honest Personality Test because Sheila took it, and so I had to take it too...

Your Score: Sap- ESFJ

70% Extraversion, 40% Intuition, 46% Thinking, 56% Judging know that sensitive mamsy-pansy sap I was talking about earlier? Yeah. Well, someone had to get it and you pulled the short straw. Now pull yourself together, crybaby.

You are quite possible one of the most sensitive people I know and I don't even know you! You care what each and every single person thinks about you. You're the kind of person who sends around a txt to everyone they know saying "i thnk ur prtty. wat do u thnk abt me? rate me frm 1-5."

That's 1 meaning "I hate you" and 5 meaning "You make me vomit when I look at you." You're still crying, aren't you?

Sure. All you want is for someone to appreciate you once in a while. Aww... Boohoo. Hold a pity party sometime. The garden's free. Lots of worms down there. Big ones. Small ones. Squishy ones.

My guess is you don't understand this test one bit. You can't imagine how anyone could be so insulting or why anyone could find it even remotely amusing...STOP THE DAMN WATERWORKS, WOMAN!

Naive is a word that needs to be branded on your forehead... Alright, now I feel bad. Sure, you do have some redeeming factors, just not many. Sorry.

Miss Ann says, "According to Keirsey, ESFJ people are Provider Guardians.”


Webmiztris said...

i got the same thing. and the funny thing is that it's not even remotely true. I almost never cry!!

Shyanne said...


i couldn't help myself so i took the test.

bloody hell they said i'm the "class clown... buffoon of society and chances are i didn't do well at school."

i did top of my class! that test is too long and inaccurate. hmph!