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Monday, August 20, 2007

Lumpy Breasts and Vagina Power

I've got another complaint... this time about Singaporean women. This has nothing to do with their natural beauty, or the fact that they manage to walk 5K in 4-inch heels on Orchard Road, their petiteness, or even that they have fewer and smaller sweat glands than Caucasians and so never look flushed even in 35 degree C heat with 100% humidity.

No, it would be none of those things. My complaint is that I've seen too many women of late wearing lacy bras underneath thin knit tops. These are not the smooth-type lace bras. The lace bras these women are wearing end up making these beautiful women look like skanky lace-bra hos! Honestly, this is not attractive nor sexy in the least.

Let me just say this... you're not just getting looks from men, but women too because we're trying to figure out why you think a woman with a multitude of big lumps in all the wrong places on your breasts would be sexy! Honestly, we are. So, please, ladies, stop wearing nasty cheap-looking skank bras! You're doing yourself a major disservice. kthx! **

**One of these days I will get a secret squirrel pic the way I did of nasty-ass thong lady. Sheesh!

I saw this video over at So a Blonde Walks Into a Blog, and I decided that I have to post it here too because I was LOL'ing so much I think I peed my pants just a little bit. Although Alexyss K. Tylor doesn't use any profanities, she uses a lot of the words vagina, penis, sperm, and rectum. This is a legit program that airs in the ATL area on a public access channel. You know, like "Wayne's World" and their schwings! :D

(Most likely NSFW)


Shyanne said...

yes yes!! skanky lace bras! eew.

oh dear, i'm one of the petite girls you speak of who walk around orchard road in 4 inch stilettoes. heh.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Actually, that's not a problem -- until you get bunions. Is that why there are so many podiatrists in Singapore?

Dave2 said...

Ya know... just reading the words "Orchard Road" brings back a flood of fond memories from my three days in Singapore.

Okay, actually it was the mention of hot Singapore women walking around in stiletto heels, but still...

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Dave... I'm sure you must've felt like you were in Heaven during your stay here ;D

ablondeblogger said...

Wasn't that video the most hilarious thing ever?! Thanks for the shout-out!