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Sunday, August 19, 2007


So, I took the plunge the other day and installed "Stickam" here and in Facebook. Somehow, I've got to figure out how to block horny young pervs. My gawd, they're younger than our sons! Why on earth would they want to see women like me? I don't get it, but I guess that's nothing new. It still seems cool to have a chat room on my blog, but we'll see.

When I was in ATL in June, my friend had me over for lunch, shopping, and of course, I ended up staying overnight. Anyway... I loved the salad that she made. It was a curried chicken on baby greens, or something like that. It was colorful and flavorful, and quite filling. When I emailed her later to thank her, I asked her about the salad. It turns out it was a Rachael Ray recipe, but my friend didn't have time to send me the direct link.

This morning, she sent me a scanned copy of the page she printed from the Food Network. My big plan for this afternoon? Go get all of the ingredients to make this savory salad in addition to other unusual stuff! I didn't take my trolley this time because I needed to buy a new mop too. The old one died. I also needed to get peanut butter, mayo, and mango chutney. After that, I had to stop at the doctor's to get muscle-relaxers for my neck. OMG! I think I slept on my left side the entire night! My neck cannot do that. Not all night, anyway.

After spending an hour and a half in the store with people stocking shelves and not getting out of my way so that I can look for the Mango Chutney I needed, screaming babies in almost every aisle, and not knowing where everything is now that they're in the process of expanding the store, I was finally on my way to the doctor's to pick up my medicine. Half-way there, I realized that I'd forgotten the chicken I needed for this new recipe! GAH!!! I went back to get the chicken. I really had to rush home because Mr. Nice Deliveryguy always stops at our condo first!

One of my gripes about Singaporeans is that they do not give way on the sidewalks. They'll be ambling with their friends, maybe three or four abreast, and even though they'll see you coming toward them, they will not budge an inch! It's like they're playing "chicken" with other pedestrians. Pisses me off! The only nice thing about me rushing home with my new mop was that people got out of my way! I'm a bad-ass-mop-wielding-bitch! Clear the way cause I'm in a hurry!!!

Just as I was entering our condo's front gate, my cell phone rang. It was Mr. Nice Deliveryguy wondering where I was. Oops! I apologized for my tardiness. He was cool about it.

Later, I made the Curry-in-a-Hurry chicken salad. It took me a lot longer than 20 minutes prep time, because I'm a slow-chopper in addition to being a bad-ass-mop-wielding-bitch! It was delicious. If you like chicken and curry, then you'll probably like this salad. I will definitely make this one again. You can download a 4x6 recipe card here.


Curiosity.Killer said...

It pisses me off too when these people block of the road and walk like snails. They don't get it, the road is narrow, and there's a lot of them -- so make way, damnit!!!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

CK... does the same thing happen in Hong Kong, or do they have wider sidewalks?