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Friday, September 21, 2007

Out With The Old... In With The New???

Yesterday we got a "Memo From Management"

To all Residents

Dear Sir/Mdm


For the past couple of weeks, there had been a smell problem at Lobby 1 basement lift lobby. Upon investigation, we have spotted rodents activities on top of the false ceiling. Active measures had since been in place to eradicate all rodents and the number and frequency of rodents captured has decreased. Visual inspection of the area above the false ceiling had also yielded no sightings of dead rodents.

Nevertheless, the smell problem still persisted. The next steps that we are going to take are to remove parts of the false ceilings to check thoroughly the areas that are not easily visible and to check the arcon ducting itself.

At the same time, we will also need the help of all residents to bag up any food refuse before throwing them down the refuse chute. This will in turn reduce the food source for the rodents.

We will like to reassure all residents that while no efforts will be spared in solving this problem, we nevertheless need the co-operation of all residents to do their part.

Yours faithfully,
Management of your building

Earlier this year, we had a BBQ down by the pool, and as the evening wore on, we noticed a bunch of mice scavenging for food -- while we were still sitting there! They weren't the least bit scared of us. They're big too! Not like a rat, but they're a whole lot bigger than field mice. We speculated that they were "relocating" because their homes were being torn down.

The building next to ours is being gutted now to get it ready for the jack-hammers that will be brought in to tear it down. Where will those mice relocate? This is gonna' get ugly and loud. I am not looking forward to it!

(Buildings with red X will be razed)

This video can also be viewed here


Roy said...

I'd keep a look out. I lived in a subdivision once that was near an area that was dammed up and turned into a lake. Every single varmint, snake, whatever, had to move, and they had nowhere to go but, in some cases, anyway, closer to our subdivision. It was not amusing.

Kentucky Girl said...

Waah! Rats creep me the heck out.

Have the T-Shirt said...

What's wrong with all those buildings? What are they putting up in their place?

At least they're not rats!

Webmiztris said...

oh boy. have fun with the new pets. :) I actually used to have mice as pets when I was little. they were kinda cool, but they weren't the size of kittens

Miss Ann Thrope said...

is 'smell problem' a singapore thing? cuz here we would probably say 'odor problem.'

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Roy... I've got the creeps now!

KG... Yeah, me too!

T-Shirt... There's not a daggone thing wrong with these buildings. They're "old" at 12-15 years! Our building is 25-stories. The new one will be 36 stories and I'm sure the units will be MUCH smaller.

Miss Ann... I really don't know if it's a Singapore thing or not. I just thought the way it was written was funny, although the subject matter is far from it!