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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A WAY-Hot Husband's Birthday

Friday was my Way-Hot Husband's 54th birthday. I'd asked him earlier in the week what he'd like for dinner knowing full well what he'd want. For those not in the know, he LIVES for black-pepper crab from River Quay Seafood in Boat Quay.

We met at Penny Black's to have a beer and to meet our friends, Dirk and Jarek, then walked "the gauntlet" to River Quay Seafood. I've posted more pictures on Flickr. We enjoyed black-pepper crab, cheese lobster, lemon chicken, bok choy, and seafood fried rice. Of course there was a generous flow of wine and beer with our meal, lots of toasts, and fun conversation.

I think that WHH must've said something that made me laugh (he does that to me a lot) just as I had taken a bite of the rice. I proceeded to inhale said bite of seafood fried rice! I managed to rid my lung of a green pea, but it still felt like there was something in my lung... a grain of rice or squid leg??? I partied on because I'm really cool that way.

It was a wonderful evening, but the next morning sucked. I was gasping and wheezing because, really, you're not supposed to actually inhale food. Fortunately, Dr. T's office is open Saturday mornings so I walked over there to get checked out. He gave me a breathing treatment and sent me home with two antibiotics, an inhaler, and kick-ass cough medicine. I think I'm slowly getting better.


Curiosity.Killer said...

Happy Birthday, WHH!! You lucky boy you...!!!

mrsmogul said...

Wow He looks 20! :) You're not supposed to inhale food?? I just inhaled seafood and chocolate cake tonight!

annie said...

Hee! My husband turned 54 the 19th!
We are going to Mexican food tonight, so maybe I can inhale some rice and a bean or two.

Kentucky Girl said...

Rowl...he is really WH, idd'n he? :D