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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

International American Thanksgiving

WHH carving Tommy under the watchful eye of Joerg

My scarcity around here has been due to planning and preparing for our International American Thanksgiving party and my compulsive Scrabulous-playing with friends and family online: Alex, Curisoity Killer, Jeremy, Kentucky Gurl, NYC Watchdog, Patrick (who had a damn good blog going and deleted it), Shelli, and Shyanne. I love that game, even though I mostly suck at it -- especially playing against KG and Jeremy! Damn, those two never cut me any slack, and it's making my stats look really bad.

We had our International American Thanksgiving Saturday. We called it that because we had African, American, Dutch, Filipino, German, and Romanian friends with us to share some Tommy Turkey and we're in Singapore. Some of our friends had never eaten a turkey fresh from the oven (bag), and I think most everyone liked it. You just can't go wrong using an oven bag for roasting a turkey. They cook in half the time -- even over-stuffed the way I do mine.

Cristina said that my dressing was the best I've made in the last three years. I thought it was good, but that's just me. The secret is: the sausage and my MIL's recipe (mother-in-law for all of you non-geeks). I got me some fresh spicy Italian from a Brazilian (there we go with the international thing, see?) butchery in Great World City, Espirito Santo. It's a small shop, but they were so nice and very helpful. The sausage was perfect -- spicy, but not so much so that it would do any gastrointestinal damage, if you know what I mean. I will definitely go back there again.

While my MIL is not renown for her culinary skills, she is the first person to actually show me how to roast a turkey. My mom will cook some meats, but there's no way she's going to even touch a raw turkey, let alone stuff that bad boy! LOL! If you're interested in trying the stuffing, you can get a 4 x 6 recipe card here (I must have my recipes on 4 x 6 card(s) and alphabetized in my special recipe box).

Seeing as how I grew up in a family of 8 and the fact that we have two sons, I've never really learned how to cook small amounts of anything. We had a lot of left-overs and sent some home with anybody who wanted some. I gave the guards some cherry tarts and an apple pie too. We packed a cooler full of food for the family of the drowning victim. The guards told me that the husband and the adult children were spending the entire day with her in the hospital -- not coming home until very late. I know I get tired of eating out or getting take-away. It was the only thing I could think of that might be of help to them.

We had a great time with everyone, but there wasn't much time to take pictures because we were hosting the party. Alex took this one of me and the one of my WHH and Joerg above.

We are very thankful for our family and friends... who are our chosen family!


I got a call this morning from the husband of the woman who drowned thanking me for the food. He said that a lot of people are coming and going from his place, and it really helped out. I felt good about that. Then, after a pause, he told me that she passed away Sunday, two weeks after the accident. May she rest in peace and bless her family and friends who loved her so much.


Miss Britt said...

I wanna play scrabuwtf!!

Have the T-Shirt said...

How cool to have such a diverse mix of people celebrating our American Holiday! When my dutch boyfriend visited me the last time, he had to go home two weeks before Thanksgiving, so I prepared a traditional dinner for him before he went. He'd never had roasted turkey before :)

Kentucky Girl said...

Hey, that sounds like fun! :D Glad your food was the best exciting is that?

(I don't always beat you in Scrabulous....LOL)

curiositykiller said...

That's some sausages you got there, eh? ;) Next time I go to Singapore, I'll drag you along, you gotta show me.