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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MacRitchie Reservoir and a Monkey Death March

MacRitchie Reservoir
So, let's see... where'd I leave off? Oh yeah, the ever so sultry sounds of a Geeky's saxy serenade?

Let's move on... shall we?

I suggested that we go to MacRitchie Reservoir since I still hadn't been there after living here 3 years. I promised the guys that Mom, Dad, and Mary had seen LOTS of monkeys on their trek around the reservoir. I made certain that we had plenty of cold water and our cellphones to call for a taxi just in case we couldn't hail one.

The reservoir is beautiful, and jungle-y after the entrance. I was really excited about the prospect of seeing monkeys in the wild. Especially, since I had the WHH and the WH-BIL (Way-Hot Husband and Way-Hot Brother-in-Law) to protect me from the gangs of notoriously bad monkeys -- made bad by very stupid people who feed them!

The government has raised the fine from $250 to $500, yet STUPID people continue to feed the monkeys.

When we first entered the park, we saw people resting on the park benches. A couple asked us about the Presidential election and our feelings about GWB. We said, essentially, that he's an ass, and they most heartily agreed. Then, I think WH-BIL asked about the monkeys, and they replied, "Oh, well, you're too late. They only come out at feeding times in the mornings and evenings."

Oops! I got "the look", but I remained optimistic. We were going to see monkeys and we were going to have fun, dammit! (Didn't your parents say that to you on family outings?)

We walked along the water's edge for an interminable amount of time. I had to stop to wipe the perspiration from my eyes -- they burned! We all had some water to drink and we enjoyed the breeze wafting off the water. It was about then, that I thought to check to see what my pedometer reading was (you know, for my Virtual Walk), and it only showed 1.25km -- this most definitely did not sync with the signs posted! That's when I realized that my pedometer was a POS and I've been cheated for the last 3 weeks -- whatever.

We started back on our trek, and the guys were coming up with a new game-plan to get the hell out of the park. There weren't any damn monkeys, and they'd had enough exercise for the day. It was time for some cold beer.

Suddenly Skip noticed movement and turned back to tell us to be still...

Click to enlarge and be sure to look closely as monkeys are very good at camouflage
Did you see the monkeys?


Avitable said...

That sign looks like "Don't threaten the monkeys with a knife"!

Shelli said...

Awesome. It sounds like you had fun.

I'm not sure what you mean about your pedometer.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Avi... You're right, it does! I'll have to take some pics of the "Do Not Enter" signs I've seen around here too, they're scary.

Shelli... It was fun, but we walked for miles and the pedometer only showed that we'd walked .77 miles! I bought a new one the other day. I hope it works better than that one. ;)

Roy said...

Yeah, I thought, "don't stab the monkeys?"

Third picture: funny.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Roy... Thank you! ;)

Kentucky Girl said...

Please will you bring me a monkey? Plz plz plz? :D

Donna said...

And we will have fun dammit!

Donna said...

This one cracked me up - and we will have fun even - kind of reminded me of Mounds State Park.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

KG... Well, of course I will!

Donna... Yep, I was thinking of Mounds State Park as I wrote that. ;)