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Monday, February 18, 2008

We Had a Very SPECIAL Visitor!

Skip & Cheese Lobster at River Quay Seafood in Boat Quay

Remember those big-ass storms in the Midwest the week before last? Well, those stupid storms kept my favorite brother-in-law, Skip, from making his flight to Newark! Stupid storms. He was able to make it the next day, cutting his visit short by one day.

There's something you need to know... no matter how much my BIL is like his dad, he was not born a travellin' man! This is a big trip for anyone, but for someone who's not a "travellin' man"? Ummm, it's a very scary proposition!

However, he arrived safely from Singapore Airlines (he was impressed with the "care" bestowed upon passengers). Once he got to our place, we proceeded to ply him with several Stella Artois' and he ate the snacks that he 'stole' from SIA (HAH!)

He slept a while and then we took him out for a walk along Orchard Road. I'm not sure (I wasn't keeping notes -- he was), but I think we all needed a shower after that. GAH! It's humid here, but it's so good for the skin!

Mike & Skip at Ngee Ann City

We decided on dinner at our fav place, River Quay Seafood, in Boat Quay. As we were walking "The Gauntlet", we could hear drummers up ahead...

We watched and listened, and then we ate...

There's more to come, because I'm pretty sure I serenaded WHH and BIL for several hours one night with my broken saxophone! Yeah, we had quite a good time!


Mr. Fabulous said...

And really, is there any more soothing sound than that of a broken saxaphone? :)

Roy said...

Whoa. The shit-eatin' grin is genetic, apparently. Looks like a good time was had by all. sorry, I meant that only in the best possible way.

You do have shades to go with sax, right?

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Mr. Fab... I'm so smooth, baby, I can get around those lower notes that are broken.

Roy... yes, that shit-eatin' grin is genetic!

Most definitely because I'm a smooth shade-wearing saxyphonist. ;)