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Thursday, March 27, 2008

High Anxiety

I started this post last Thursday. I think I might need some Xanax!

I woke up too early this morning... 4:30. I laid in bed for 30 minutes, and decided to get up. No sense lying there with lists running through my head. Lists, lists, lists! You want lists? I'll give you a list of the lists:

  1. List from Big Corporation
  2. List from Moving Company
  3. List from the housing agent
  4. List from the landlord's agent
Then, of course, there are the lists that I make for myself -- several times a day. Just so that I don't get confused. Now, I must say that I'm not as particular about my lists as SJ or KG. They are the Primadonnas of the Listmakers in the Blogiverse! My lists are sloppy, but they work for me, sort of, unless I get distracted by:

  1. My new Macbook that is just so cool and has lots of cool free apps I can download
  2. Google Reader with about 350 blogs that I follow
  3. Jester's BlogTalk radio show (I used to listen to Mr. Fab live, but can't because of the stupid time change), or Hilly's show.
  4. The ever-present Twitter... so much fun to chat with my blog friends.
  5. Crackbook's Scrabulous and Staries games... um, yeah, I'm addicted.
Today's list:

  1. Finish photos and inventory of our possessions
  2. Utilities refund spreadsheet
  3. Start moving us to the service apartment
  4. Wire $$$ to U.S.
  5. Cancel our club membership
  6. Cancel newspaper (again -- he forgot and delivered one today)
  7. Cancel phones
  8. Cancel utilities
  9. Find my glasses! I've looked everywhere, but I can't find them. Sheesh!
  10. Take my husband to dinner at his favorite restaurant for black-pepper crab and celebrate our 30th anniversary.
I'm worn out just looking at that list. My desk is an absolute mess. I straighten things out every evening, but then in the morning it gets completely out of control. No, I need to clarify that -- I am completely out of control!


Poppy Cede said...

I recommend starting with #10 on the list to-do list. It's the most important.

And, did you look on top of your head for your glasses? (I'm kidding.)

Anonymous said...

Oh sister, I cannot imagine your move...I got stressed out just moving one zip code away!

Booze, lots of booze...

Roy said...

Here is a list for your anniversary celebration:

1.) Accept sincere congratulations, admiration and awe, from me.

2.) Have fun.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Poppy... #10 was the most important and lots of fun. Yeah, I really did check my head, but they weren't there. I guess I'll have to get new ones made.

Hilly... I think the booze was probably the reason I lost my glasses (heh)! Nothing like margaritas and tequila shooters %-)

Roy... I like your lists a lot better! Thank you very much. How's that photo for the badge coming along? You must be represented at TequilaCon.

C. K. said...

Oh goodness gracious - you're really moving? It's not easy - not easy at all. Too bad I didn't get to meet you before you take off!

Bubblehead said...

We are considereing a move to Asia (China or Hong Kong) in the next few years. I travel there 3-5 times a year now and I would love to immerse myself in that life for a SHORT time. Congrats on getting to come home.

Roy said...

Photo. Photo. I shall get one.