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Sunday, December 31, 2006

More Blog-Hopping Fun

I should be paying bills or doing something constructive, but I'd rather read some new blogs. I picked up where I left off the other day with Deconstructionist's entertaining blog and clicked on Language Barrier to see the ever-burning Yule log. Next, is Roy's Why I Blog -- another thought-provoking and entertaining read.

Now on to Don's What is Hip, I like his style! I'm off to check out his non-crush bloggerific friend, Jen, at RunJenRun. She's hilarious, and her blog design is unique (btw her blog crush is Roy) I think he's hot too, Jen!

Since I missed the Official Reveal Your Blog Crush Day, I decided to go to one of the founders' blog Ms. Sizzle Says........ a neurotic and introspective blog :-D I found Dave2 in the comments section. I liked his comment, so curiosity led me to his Blogography blog. Today's entry is a funny commentary on glove manufacturers or the possibility that Li'l Dave could just be a mutant. Love the cartoons Dave!

Next is OMF!GWTF? The title caught my eye! Miss Ann Thrope has got me literally laughing out loud. I especially like her story about the TT people stealing her recyclables. They are doomed! I clicked on Kentucky Gurl because Junebug's from Louisville. KG has a very cool blog with themes and chat. I like how she doesn't do stupid people anymore, at least not unless she's forced to do

Momentary Lapses of Sanity was next, but she hasn't posted since September so I backtracked to Kentucky Girl for links and ended my grand tour of blog-hopping at I Live Under a Rock. I love the way she tells about the dorky company she works for. Bunch of Scrooges!

This has definitely been a fun experiment, and I will be visiting these blogs again. There are a lot of very talented writers in the world. If you decide to embark on a tour of 20-clicks, be sure that you have a few hours to sit and read. I can promise that you'll get sucked into the blogosphere and lose all track of time.


asha said...

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry there's nothing new at the moment other than another log on the fire. I'm taking a few days off. Stay warm. Enjoy your blog hopping. Have a great new year!

Sizzle said...

cool idea! thanks for visiting. :)

Dave2 said...

Wow... that must have been some comment! Of course, Ms. Sizzle brings out the best in everybody. :-)

Diana said...

Asha....I'm glad that I did. I've always liked a nice warm fire in the fireplace.

Ms. Sizzle.....It's been fun and thanks for letting me stop in for a visit. was your witty sarcasm that caught my eye, and yes, I'd agree that Ms. Sizzle does bring out the best in people. ;-)