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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy Twenty-O-Seven!

It's still officially New Year's Day here. After spending the day recovering from our outing at "the club" last night..........which, by the way, started out very boring. Until, that is, we had consumed massive quantities of food and alcohol.

Why is it that when I've consumed massive quantities of anything I think I can dance (sing, whistle, or play saxophone)??? Doh! Since Michael is bright enough (even after consuming massive quantities of alcohol) never to dance or attempt to sing, I usually rope "some young guy" (think "Wayne's World" -- I always loved that line when he orders some Chinese food, remember it?) into dancing with me. The problem is, "some young guys" always want to twirl me around and I don't do "twirl-me-arounds" with any grace -- only disgrace! I ended up doing an Elaine Bennis-like fling at the table we were standing at with lots of full drinks. Not a drop ended up on me, only on my brilliantly smart husband who was an innocent by-stander. Fortunately, (for me) he is quite forgiving of his mentally deficient wife.

Before these exciting events took place, I'd spent most of New Year's Eve day sucked into the vortex of the blogosphere. I am officially addicted to Dave (please read his Bob entry here) and Avitable. I think I spent most of the day today following-up with these guys and their blog-buddies. I'm such an exciting person!

So, the year has started off wonderfully for me -- I hope that it has for you too!

UPDATE: 1/2/2007: I forgot to link to Bob's blog, Chasing Vincenzo. He seems like a great guy, but one never knows. It seems he doesn't have much recollection for the night in question with Dave. He thinks he had a lot of fun. You can read his post here...


Don said...

Well, it's only ten thirty in the firt a.m. of the new year where I'm at. I forget the time diff to Singapore. I had a couple colleagues go there this year. I didn't get to, I went to China instead. Never been where you are, want to some day. There's a chance I will this year, I suppose. Hard to say.

Thanks for the kind comment! I can relate to addictive blogsurfing. As you say there are a lot of talented writers ou there! Of course, I've wound up with my own little circle, not sure how I gathered it. I think we all do eventually. Human nature to limit the size of the tribe.

Well, I don't know whether to blog pintlessly today or actually do something but the sun is bright and the air clear and cold. HNY!

Rose said...

I thought that I would drop by and wish you a Happy New Year.

Dave2 said...

ACK! Addicted? Quick... run away from the blogosphere before it's too late! Otherwise Bob may soon be attacking you in a tapas restaurant!

Diana said...

Don........if you're on Pacific time I think there's a 16-hour difference. I hope that you can make it to Singapore some time. We love it here, and the food is fabulous!

Rose.....Happy New Year to you too!

Dave2....When reviewing Bob's blog, he leads one to believe that he's a very nice guy; stable and caring. It's got to be a big act what with his delusional thinking about ARGON and his irrational behavior. Let's just hope that he never actually finds Vincenzo. Who knows what he would do with Italian food? Poor guy :D

CP said...

I get no love.

I produce good videos.

I get no love.



RW said...

I have no problem with the argon thing, life goes on. But careful about the neoprene... k?