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Monday, January 29, 2007

OK, I LIED.....

THAT Wasn't It.......!Loggins and Messina didn't show up this morning. Dammit!

However, a bunch of guys showed up to start packing our stuff. As one guy said when he was helping me UN-pack two years ago, "Too many stuffs!". He had a smile on his face, and I thought it was funny...I still do!

I'd say about 90 percent of our "stuffs" is packed up; save our "internets" and bedroom/bathroom stuffs. That's pretty cool.

I went downstairs at around 4 to do the inventory and signing over of the new place. I need to do a pros/cons table, but I don't have the time to figure out how to do that now. OK, I'm just too frazzled to do it now.

Some pros about the new place:

Much better lighting! WAY better! How've we been able to see in this place with one silly-ass 60 watt bulb in each room?

TWO nice built-in bookcases with several recessed bulbs in the living room. (This means an entire rearrangement of furniture). I think it will be MUCH better (I hope).

SIX lights in the living room, AS WELL AS ceiling fan WITH lights!

A built-in desk and shelves in Bedroom #2. I'm not sure we'll use it, because we're used to being in the tiny little room next to the MBR.

Ceiling fans with lights in each bedroom in addition to the LR.

No more seeing "Mr. Masturbator" across the street doing his "thing"!

Michael will miss "The Dancer" warming up...... for whatever line of work she's actually in. She's quite "bendy"!


No more weather-watching -- I liked doing that.

No more taking pictures of the POTUS' entourage lining the street.

Most of the rooms have PEACH-colored drapes. Yes, that's right, PEACH! Crap, I haven't liked PEACH since the early 80's. Oh well, I'll just open them completely and pretend they're not there.

Bedroom #3 has YELLOW drapes. I guess we can live with it. It's only going to be a year or so before they tear the place down. I have NOTHING that will go with the bright yellow, but they're clean drapes, so we can deal.

No more crushed ice from the fridge. The one that's in the new place only has the crescent-shaped ice-cubes.....UNfiltered. I hate that!

Those are just a few of my happys/gripes. We'll see...


Just because I STILL had phone service up here, I thought I'd call my BFF's. Not ONE was available. That's what happens when you live on the wrong side of the WORLD! J is having a really sucky procedure today, N had her sucky procedures Friday. D is working, R is in bed sick with L, and BUG, I don't know...she's been working like crazy lately, so I guess she's sleeping-in today. That's the way it goes.


annie said...

Ack! Those colors sound ghastly, but paint and curtains are so easy to change. I had to become a master at that, all the horrible places I lived when I was younger.

Hey, it looks like we like the same bloggers, nice to finally meet you!

Flumadiddle said...

Peach? Ugh. But, I guess you can get some seafoam green throw pillows and you'll be all set.