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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Whenever I have a grocery shopping expedition, I have some considerations. Yesterday, since I wasn't making the usual beer/wine run and we didn't need too many things, I decided to walk to Jason's nearby. Now that builders have taken away our shortcut affectionately dubbed "Ho Chi Min Trail", the walk is a bit longer albeit less treacherous. This means a longer time with plastic bags slashing my wrists as I walk home with our groceries.

Well, NO.MORE.SLASHED.WRISTS because a few weeks ago I bought one of these ------>

I took it along with me yesterday for my shopping at Jason's. As I shopped, I just put my things in this handy-dandy trolley. When I was at the cashier, she started to put everything into plastic bags. I stopped her. She looked at me incredulously, but I took my things out of the bags and re-loaded my trolley. I did my part to protect the environment yesterday. YAY me! Ever since I read this article, the plastic issue has really bothered me.

The problem with this handy-dandy trolley? My WHH will not be seen with me toting that thing along behind me! Last week, he was going to the store for a few things and I offered to go along with him, and he declined my offer. I know it's because he thinks I look like a doofus and he doesn't want to look like a doofus too -- especially walking down Orchard Road! ;0)


Anonymous said...

Oh that is awesome! I'd like to have one too just to haul everything from the parking lot in our complex to my front door...geez, lazy American me!

Shyanne said...


What is it with the men. There are clothes Nabil bans me from wearing, especially when out with him because it embarasses him.

But functionality rules.

Curiosity.Killer said...

I LOVE those trolleys. Good for you for being environmentally sufficient!

Webmiztris said...

I don't see how that would make you look like a doofus at all! I think it's very cool and if I had to walk to the grocery store, you can bet your ass I'd have one of those!

Bob Merrick said...

Some people just need to get over themselves. He might be embarrassed by the trolley today, but in a few months, after you have revolutionized the trolley industry and everyone is using them, he will be begging for one of his own!

Diana said...

Bob... That's right, because I'm a trendsetter!