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Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Cannot Compute

My computer started acting weird last week, just after I told Kentucky Girl that I hadn't had a bit of trouble with this thing for almost 3 years! The first thing was that it no longer "saw" the DVD/CD-RW drive. I rebooted... not there. I attempted to do a "System Restore", nope.

Last night, I was chatting with my sister on Stickam, when things started getting even stranger. The computer is no longer seeing the USB that I use for my extra keyboard. I rebooted, it's still not there. Then, I noticed this morning that Norton 360 didn't start up. I have always used a virus scanner, and I never open spam emails or suspicious attachments, but I think my laptop has been hit by a virus or worm. I don't know. I just ran a complete scan for viruses, but nothing turned up.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to have to reformat the hard drive. I hate reformatting hard drives. I'll be MIA for a while, just thought you should know. That is all. Thanks.


Mick's Page. said...

Hi Geeky Tai-Tai.

Sorry to hear you have ‘problems’ with ‘that darn thing’ annoying too say the least. Reboot the hard drive, best of luck, that’s one hell of job to do. Don’t say you weren’t warned, see my Bloggers Blog

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Yeah, I know from experience it's a nasty job, but somebody's gotta do it! :p

Savy said...

Or... the computers are staging a revolt. Mine just did something recently and it ended up so bad we actually had to get a whole new computer. It's a plot, I tell you!